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Features of Islamic Center WordPress Theme

In the world, Islam is considered as 2nd largest religion. A mosque is a religious place that allows Islamic people to worship. It also allows people to get an education, enlightenment, and moral guidance. It also teaches small children about the Qur’an.

In different regions of the globe, Islam is practiced. As per their countries, traditions, and culture, they believe and practice this culture. Two different Islam branches are ‘Shi’ite’ Muslims or’ Shia’a’ Muslims and ‘Sunni’ Muslims.

These two follow different strictness as per their traditional rules. However, for the worship, they majorly use the Arabic language. If you are looking to create a website in the Arabic language then also you can stick to SKT Mosque as it is multilingual friendly, translation ready, and RTL ready too.

Along with this offering, the theme also provides complete support to multilingual plugins such as WPML, TranslatePress, GTranslate, and many more.

Mosques allow people to come together to celebrate special occasions and get connected with the community in holidays and funerals.

Some of the Muslims actually recognize all the benefits and importance of this beautiful place but some may not. Mosque has so many things to revert back to their community but people of a younger generation are unaware of it.

There are so many brothers and sisters who had actually faced a lot of problems to have mosques in their community. If you are the one who is also trying to change that then here comes an Islamic center WordPress theme to help you and to make your thoughts reachable to every corner of the world.

Organizations related to Muslims and Islamic culture actually need a website so that they can spread Islam and its benefits globally. And this is possible with SKT Mosque.

SKT Mosque is an Islamic center WordPress theme that has a light weighted and modern layout. The web design is dedicated to all Islamic cultures to get their thoughts reachable to the web world.

Having an online presence for Islamic will allow believers to learn more about Islamic, spread awareness, give donations, and educate more people about their culture from any place, at any time.

Having an attractive website will allow you to attract more online users and will encourage them to visit their website again in case if are interested to learn more about the latest Islamic news, timing, and upcoming events.

Your existing website might be not attracting plenty of users to your website because it might be failed to display information clearly which is the reason it results in a lower conversion rate.

This situation occurs most of the time if the website you have created is not fully satisfied by your customers with its content, Islamic web design, online scholars, and related features.

To ensure we do not fail in such an area, we have done complete research and seek to understand that how you can reflect your motto with our Islamic center WordPress theme.

Some research was done to know the exact reason for decreasing a substantial number of users and we found that it is because you are unable to deliver the legitimacy and trust of content. However, while creating SKT Mosque we have taken care of all these aspects.

Recently, most important aspect of Islamic websites is Islamic online services. These services include community development programs, relief activities, free applications, forums, blogs, educational training, and much more.

The most important significance in the development of the Internet is the rise in Muslim society. On the internet large number of people tend to learn Islamic practice with their comfort.

The plenty of Islamic knowledge and information available on the web increases the new trends in the learning practice of Islamic. So it’s the right time to get your existing website redone or built a new one.

Because the Islamic center WordPress theme is embedded with all required features, it also works best for all nonprofit Islamic organizations and centers. You can take complete control over the website to customize its appearance as well as functionality.

With ease, you can tweak appearance and functionality as it is based on a drag and drop page builder. Also without touching the line of code, you can season the dynamic and static elements.

Because the theme is created considering a user-friendly aspect in mind, you do not need to have coding or any other technical expertise.

With a clean and optimized Islamic center WordPress theme, even a novice user will be able to design a completely personalized website without taking the help of experienced web developers. It has different useful sections so that you can showcase complete details on Islamic organizations.

These sections will allow you to add details on prayer times, images, Ramadhan activities, a list of services, appeal for donation, video content, their philosophy, upcoming mosque events, the Islamic pillars, their vision, contact form, latest mosque news, and much more.

In a theme, you get a lot of demo content to learn how your future website will look like. You can use pre-built pages including home, services, about, blog, pages, and contact us page to make your website look as it is.

So, you can stick with this Islamic center WordPress theme as it is a complete solution for all your Islamic website needs.

If we talk about their festivals then it is totally based on the lunar-based. This means as per very Gregorian(year) the dates of festivals get changes about 10 days.

However different Muslim communities will end up celebrating their two main festivals i.e. Eid-UI-Fir and Eid AL-Adha on different days because of the calendar’s variation.

If you have a website that supports calendar and event functionality, you will be able to display the list of events on the basis of the lunar calendar.

Thankfully, our Islamic center WordPress theme supports these two features i.e. calendar and events so that you ensure you have chosen the right theme as per your religious need.

SKT Islamic is all set to fulfill your short-term goal as well as long-term goals. So take advantage of all its features and get your website done today in no time.

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