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WP Theme Features

Features of Kindergarten Pro Preschool WordPress Theme

  • WordPress version 5.0 is compatible and the Gutenberg editor is also compatible with the Preschool WordPress theme.
  • SKT Page Builder is an in-built page builder and because of this we can edit the homepage section and add new and more items.
  • Templates and a sidebar are also provided in this Preschool WordPress theme for better ease of use.
  • The header section consists of a menu layout that has Home, About Us, and Contact Us. Users can choose any of them.
  • The theme also has a footer layout of 4 columns they are Co-Working, our services, quick lines, and newsletter.
  • Color picker options are also available so one can change the color of the theme as per their choices.
  • In-built many shortcodes are also available like team, gallery, and testimonials.
  • WooCommerce plugin is congenial and hence use this Preschool WordPress Theme for school donations, selling of tutorials online, fee collections, gatherings, sports events, and much more.
  • Compatible plugins for contact forms like Ninja, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms are available which makes themes more consistent.
  • Plentiful call to action provided and hence a template leads to more sales and more use.
  • Likewise from the SEO side, the coding has been done properly means that all the tags are placed properly and hence used for ranking factors.
  • Easy social share plugins in Preschool WordPress themes like Monarch, MashShare, WP social sharing, and other sharing plugins for sharing of social media are available.
  • Social media optimization coding is done and social media icons of more than 1000+ in numbers have been included across the whole website templates.
  • Easy to use is given more importance and hence with the use of page builder the homepage is designed so that it can be editable in terms of changing text, and images without much effort.
  • Preschool WordPress theme is provided with free installation all you have to do is just send the URL of the site once you are done with purchasing.
  • Our theme uses several languages or multilingual plugins.
  • One can change the language according to their requirements.
  • RTL compliance for Aramaic, Persian, and Kurdish languages has been done.
  • Google fonts have been desegregated properly for the proper type of setup.
  • Preschool WordPress Theme has been coded so that it is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and the plugins used in WordPress.
  • Security has been taken prior because whatever plugins are used in templates are secure and hence the theme is compatible with its security and ease of use.
  • CSS3 animation has been used in the theme so the animation looks fancy on the homepage.
  • Testing and cross-checking with different browsers has been done like Chrome, Firefox, and other mobile applications so that it is used with different platforms easily.
  • Checking with other devices like laptops, notebooks, and mobile phones has been done for testing.
  • User-friendly and hence changes according to users have been done quickly and viewed properly.
  • Widget friendly and hence widgets like header, footer, and sidebars are provided.
  • Social icons are used for fonts that are 1000+ in number.
  • Gallery plugins are used and other gallery plugins are found compatible.
  • Typography choices are given in Google fonts which are 900+ in number.
  • HTML5 and CSS3-based concepts due to which the theme is lighter faster and easy to access and use.
  • The theme does not affect eyesight because it is retina-free and tested.
  • High resolution site is used and HD ready which shows the site more clearly and sharply.
  • The theme is much more compatible with shortcodes provided and built-in gallery plugins.
  • Along with built-in plugins, blocks are also provided
  • SEO plugins are also compatible with the theme.
  • Website solution has been provided completely so that it can also work as a readymade website.

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More Details about Preschool WordPress Theme

Preschool WordPress Theme has been created for playschool, daycare, kindergarten school, pre-nursery, nursery, etc., for children and education-related websites. Nowadays most schools go for digital education because of the latest technologies spreading worldwide and to make children more aware of technologies at their learning age.

Parents generally are not able to give much time for extracurricular activities like parent-teacher meetings, fee processing activities, etc., so with the help of digital sources of medium things have become more independent and compatible. Also projects, and holidays, are allotted to students which parents cannot find easy to go through the book and school diary and read through so with the help of websites parents keep themselves up to date with all the events and activities happening at their children’s school.

A website makes it easier for parents to choose the right school for their children. Extracurricular activities, functions, and events that are held in school make it easy for parents to cooperate with the teachers also with the help of the website teachers and other staff can check out the events in their school.

Result checking, fee payment can be done online with the help of the website. Hence having a school website in this new era is much more beneficial not only for parents but also for teachers and students. Website use helps with time-saving, money-saving, keeps up to date so it has many advantages. Online learning, E-learning has become more in use for students and for teachers as well due to which teachers can interact with their students online and help them guide them.

Weekend study is made possible with the help of the website. If a student requires online weekend study material he/she can go online and get help from their teacher with the help of the website. Gathering, sports, events, picnics whatever events the school organizes they can upload photos on the website instantly.

Website use makes better organization to view the outside world. Feedback options are made available on the website so one does not have to make a paper and a pen process. The website of a particular school is a showcase of that school and with the help of a website, parents can find the star rating and reviews for that school to take admission of their child or not. Thus our Preschool WordPress theme becomes a link between parents, teachers, staff, and children. They can contact the management for any queries and issues they have.


In conclusion, a school website makes communication easier for parents, teachers, and students. It supports online learning, helps with fee payment and event updates, and keeps everyone informed. Our Preschool WordPress theme helps connect everyone, making it a great tool for modern schools.