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The total cost to set up a notary business will be less than $100 but this notary business can help you to earn more than $30,000 per year. Keep reading, to know more about this business.

Your business will be up and running by just filling out the application, completing few courses, meeting the requirements of your state, completing paperwork, securing bonds, and setting up a website.

The state will be responsible for setting out the maximum amount of your signature cost for notarial acts. In the beginning, the initial salary might seems less i.e. $15 per signature but after few months this notary business will open up endless opportunities.

Every state will have different requirements. For example, the Pennsylvania state will have a requirements to write and read in English, whereas California State does not have such kinds of requirements.

The presence of a notary will be required when people are looking to sign official documents. During a signature, the notary public will behave as a witness, acknowledged and affirmations.

To be clear, people can not sign documents on their own. In this case, a notary comes into the role where the notary public will confirm the identification of a public. The major role of notary businesses is to safeguard from fraudulent transactions.

So, why a website is needed for a notary public?
The website is a simple medium for promoting your businesses and related services in the easiest and quickest way. With a website, you can manage your complete business easily especially documentary-related business just like notary public.

To take advantage of endless opportunities in the notary business, you need to make sure you are using all available resources to accomplish your goals.

Are you looking for the best way to craft a website for the notary public?
You can take the help of some WordPress themes available on the internet to establish your notary public website just like an online store or any brand website.

One of the best legal services WordPress theme crafted by SKT Themes India is an SKT Notary which will help you to improve your potential client’s UX.

The structure of a notary public website is actually different from others. The notary public business website might look similar to the others business sites but you should never ignore the importance of placing some vital sections on the notary site.

Some essential steps to building a notary public website are given below.

The very first step is to choose a legal services WordPress theme that suits your requirements: You should look for the features before finalizing one. For example, you must check if the theme offers pre-designed templates or not.

Plus check whether the theme offers some extra features that you might need in the future like compatibility with event calendar plugins, SEO plugins, countdown timer, and so on.

Also, check whether the theme is suitable for your requirements or not. To make sure all these features are there in a single template the SKT Notary was created. This theme will save your time and efforts as it offers inbuilt pages and plenty of features as a default.

Here you will get access to lots of amazing tools. To get familiarize with its features and functions you dont need to be technically expected. Even if you feel trouble with the theme you can either access the comprehensive documentation or contact the support team.

Now the next step is to set up a great homepage: The first impression is the last impression. This is the reason the homepage of your notary website should be best from every aspect so that your visitors find it more helpful, transparent, professional, and trustworthy.

Bear in mind that, notary behaves as a document signing witness so your website should reflect your business motto and look professional as much as possible.

The best notary website will have a design that looks simple and meaningful. The website must focus more on content rather than animations or styles. In some cases, you will need to balance these both.

The homepage of your notary website should have important details including the tagline, and logo of your company. You must be allowed to add new functions or sections to elaborate on your business.

Add About us Page: About us page is important for every notary association. This page will be responsible of introducing your company and will display your authenticity. As well as this page will act as a reference page to your potential users.

Services page: Because you are a part of a notary business you will need to handle various services that will prevent your clients from fraud.

Summarize your prices: This is one of the important points to consider. The prices of your services will vary in accordance with clients and their nature.

While justifying your service’s pricing list make sure it is exact, transparent, and accurate.

The next step is to build your blog page: You can improve the search engine ranking of your website by improving the notary public website. Your clients will be able to understand your services if you have added a blog section on your website.

Our legal services WordPress theme is offering all these pages as predefined. As well as this theme also comes with some other pages such as the special offers page, tips and advises page, and contact us page.

Tips and advice page can be used as blog page whereas special offers page will be used to offer discounts and offers that you are willing to give to your new or existing customers.

Once you become a notary, now it’s time to start advertising your services. In the digital world, people might be searching for the services that you are offering so it is important to market your services as much as possible.

The theme is eCommerce friendly that means if you are trying to embed eCommerce functionality on your website, you can do it without hiring developers.

You can even add the MailChimp plugin to start email marketing and begin with receiving emails from clients. Because the legal services WordPress theme is friendly with SEO plugins you can make your website reachable to people all over the world.

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