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Features of Most Basic WordPress Theme

Whenever a client discloses some of the big business ideas to you for a new WordPress website it is obvious that they might be looking for the latest WordPress theme for their website creation. Else they will talk about the trendiest plugin that will help them to generate more conversion.

The biggest advantage of using a WordPress content management system is that you can get your vision converted into the most engaging and impressive website.

But does an engaging website means a web page that consists of so many contents, images, animations, and other visual elements?

Of course not!

Below you will find the most basic WordPress theme to create an engaging website. Don’t worry as we have checked all the other criteria very carefully to ensure the theme has passed the quality test with a good score.

Why it is always better to choose a simple WordPress web design than the complicated one:

Your main motto behind creating a WordPress website is to build a memorable as well as engaging experience for your visitors. But, most of the time to get your job done, the simplest experience is all that you require.

The fact is the simple WordPress templates are not just simple because they might consist of the basic design. In different ways and methods, one can evaluate the simplicity of any most basic WordPress theme. So before choosing one for your WordPress website keep these points in mind.

What do you mean by Minimalism:
When someone says that this WordPress template is simple that means that particular template has minimalism of functionality and design.

In other words, we can say that minimalism or the most basic WordPress theme does contain only essential elements that would be required for your website creation, and thus it will never fail to deliver awesome results.

Why always prefer a template that has basic nature?
As mentioned above basic or a minimalist web template does consist of only required elements and functionality but you are always allowed to add more if you need something in the future.

Rather than taking away the elements and re-configuring the website, it is always better to add new elements without any struggle.

Additionally, the lack of excessive features and functionality ensures that your mobile website will be providing a responsive and overwhelming experience to your visitors.

The recent major Google update says that all your websites need to be responsive to make them visible on the top of google searches.

The use of minimalism or the most basic WordPress theme will make sure your website does not consist of any complex structure, bad typography, and oddly enough content that might leave a negative impression.

Performance: The theme you choose will affect the performance of your website overall therefore you must be careful while finalizing the one.

The things that will majorly affect the speed of your WordPress websites are-

  • page builder plugin.
  • Themes with plugin offering numerous features and functionality.
  • Themes with unused files and templates.

The themes which have been made poorly will cause performance issues. therefore we would say that choose a simpler one to avoid such conflicts.

The most basic WordPress theme for 2022
Whether you are looking for a theme to create a corporate website, display your photography, sell business items online, manage a number of tasks, share your creative work or showcase your writing skills.

At SKT Themes India you will find the newly launched SKT Generic theme that offers minimalist design and required options to make your task successful from every possible end.

SKT Generic is built with the Gutenberg block patterns in the hope that you will be able to create a website easily.

Just because SKT Generic is the most basic WordPress theme it does not mean that you won’t be able to increase conversion rates, in fact, it will help you to grow your conversion rate more quickly.

SKT Generic has a great design that suits well for creating portfolio websites, startups, businesses, arts, eCommerce stores, and much more.

WordPress Gutenberg i.e. Block editor is here to stay for a longer time. However, Gutenberg editor was launched in WordPress version 5.0 but still millions of users love the classic editor plugin.

However, there has been continuous improvement in block editor that offers newer features to enable full site editing using block editor in WordPress.

Thus more and more people are WordPress block themes for full site editing experience.

What are WordPress block themes?
The block-based themes make a use of WordPress block editor that offers full site editing experience. And thus you will not be restricted because of these features. Rather than using theme features, you will be able to customize every small aspect of your website by using Gutenberg blocks.

The most basic WordPress theme that are based on block patterns are different from other conventional themes as it will do not support full site editing.

What are the advantages of using block patterns based simple WordPress themes:
The biggest advantage that block pattern templates offer over traditional themes is performance.

Because block editor is a small portion of WordPress core your website will add minimal CSS while using blocks to create and style it. As compared to the popular WordPress page builders, this block editor will add less CSS.

Flexibility: Previously you were not able to customize or modify anything in the theme’s template file unless you are a coding expert or developer. But now, in most block pattern-based WordPress themes, you can modify the template of block theme including footer, header, page as well as post.

The block pattern-based most basic WordPress theme is ultimately designed to replace complex theme options, shortcodes, copying and pasting embed code, and another lengthy task that needs to customize the WordPress website.

You will be able to implement the premade selection of your content very easily with block pattern templates.

The Gutenberg is basically developed by a WordPress developer itself, which means it was aligned with the complete design and code structure of the WordPress. This is the biggest advantage that block pattern themes have over other page builders.

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