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WP Theme Features

Museum WordPress Theme

    • Museum WordPress theme contains in built page builder named as SKT page builder so homepage editing is just a cinch.
    • Gutenberg is congenial and hence to load section content is it easy and simple.
    • There are many options of layout given so one can use as many as they want.
    • Page templates also provided for pages.
    • A different type of header layout is provided at the header section of the website.
    • Likewise different types of footer layout is provided at the footer section of the website and can have number of columns at the footer are.
    • Color picker is also provided in the Museum WordPress Theme so one can change the color according to their choices.
    • If one wants to show case the blog post they can use blog template provided at the blog layout.
    • Definite in built short codes are provided for addition into pages so that one can use them easily to add functions like team, posts and other content.
    • An open source eCommerce plugin friendly so one can sell items and stuff online as well as event tickets can be sold.
    • Contact form is also appropriate and hence it has one in built contact form.
    • Header area includes phone number and email address and footer area contains different social icons, call to action is properly provided.
    • SEO wise coding done as well as WordPress codex standards.
    • Social sharing plugin is accordant and hence one can share content in social media websites for better use.
    • Social media templates can be finely linked because of SMO friendly.
    • The homepage and the inner page as well as the posts is quite simple and easy to use.
    • Installation is free for server because users may want to opt for this service in case of any queries.
    • Multilingual plugins like Polylang, qTranslate X are tested and hence found working fine and easy with the template.
    • Translation can be done easily with the help of POT, POT file is being provided in the website.
    • Languages working well with the website of RTL compliant with Hebrew, Arabic.
    • The theme is search engine friendly.
    • Other Page builder plugins compatible.
    • As per codex theme the Museum WordPress Theme is being coded.
    • Coding is done taking care of security because it works with various websites for having hardened secure website.
    • CSS3 makes the theme look more beautiful and animation can be disabled.
    • The testing of website is done using cross browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Linux, Opera, Microsoft Edge etc,.
    • Cross testing with handy devices also done like mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, tablets etc., and found to be working smoothly and efficiently.
    • The website is customer based and hence preview can be done easily.
    • Widgets has been used in header and footer section as well as in sidebar sections.
    • For control, pause and the default slider has been provided.
    • There are more slider available with much more finely used such as master slider, crelly, and cyclone.
    • Social commenting.
    • Google fonts has been used 900+ in numbers.
    • Social icons has been in the website for various uses which help in social communication and social commenting.
    • Social sharing plugins are much simpatico.
    • A language like HTML5 CSS3 makes the website much easier and faster for use.
    • Testing with very large scale resolution the website is retina ready.
    • Full wide layout and side wide layout provided.
    • Testing on a large scale resolutions makes the website HD Ready.
    • Page builder plugins, short code plugins used for external gallery like Nextgen Gallery.
    • More than 30+ blocks and 30+ short codes has been used in the website.
    • SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, SEMrush SEO, OutreachPlus SEO etc. are compatible.
    • Intellection solution has been provided for this template due to which it can be used by various industries and for more purposes.
    • The Museum WordPress Theme comes with in built demo content and start your website easily.
    • Works finely and hence one can have better rankings and better SEO metrics.

Museums and their fine art is what makes people more attractive towards it. The fine art and nicely done artwork of any sculptures in the museum is a talent of an artist. But to show case these art, the form of social media platforms are in wide use today.

Earlier these art galleries were of non profitable premises but now a days it has become more profitable.

Basically the museum has become a way for showing the craft, designs, arts, paintings, sculptures, decorative materials, home decor, exhibitions of drawings and many more for the artists to show there talents on a large platforms.

Online shopping is a craze among the people now a days where an artist can get a platform for show casing his/ her talent and make his/her business profitable.

Museums also referred to as art gallery and have many unique historical things to display.
Many museum around the world are governed by the government so that they can show people about the importance of museum and art gallery.

Museums creates an interest among children, housewife to make an interest towards the home decor articles and things. Basically there are two types of museums public and private.

Public museums are generally handled by the owner of the museum for show case of their arts and talents.

Private museums are generally those types of museums which is commercial or govern by the government. In private museums people or artists opt for them if they have anything unique with them and showcase it on public museums.

Many universities, schools, temples, public places have their own museum where they show their students, guests, tourists the significant and importance of the place.

People nowadays generally do not have much time to roam around and check out the museums so contrary what they do they go for website search to save their traveling, time and money.

And hence for this reason our Museum WordPress Theme is best for the option because it shows the museum related articles online and other present or past related articles easily and efficiently.