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WP Theme Features

Features of Natural Health WordPress Theme

  • Various industries and organizations like Yoga Centers, Health Fitness Centers, Gym, Ayurvedic Healing Centers, Beauty and Spa centers, etc. use the Natural Health WordPress Theme,
  • Homepage content management is easy because SKT Page Builder manages the Homepage sections.
  • Natural Health WordPress theme has a Default slider so with it the pause time, and the animation are also provided within the slider
  • Slider plugins like meta, layer, and revolution were also provided with the theme and properly tested, verified, and ran comfortably.
  • With the help of the latest version of WordPress 5+, all features are kept updated from time to time and hence the templates were also updated, and no need to worry about the theme validation
  • The latest Gutenberg Page editor can be used without any issue because Gutenberg is congenial with the Natural Health WordPress theme.
  • Page Builder Plugins work nicely with the theme. Some of them are Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver, etc.,
  • Page templates were also provided with this theme, such as right sidebar, left sidebar, no sidebar
  • The footer section is provided with footer layouts and columns
  • The header section provides the menu layout which is four in number so one can choose as per their need
  • Color picker is provided through which one can change the color of the theme as per their requirements
  • Blog templates were also provided with the theme
  • Ninja forms and contact forms are built so one can use them according to their need
  • Shortcodes are built into this theme
  • Shortcodes can be used anywhere in the theme due to shortcode plugins for the gallery, posts timeline, team members, etc.,
  • Widget friendly so one can add the content according to their need on the header layout, footer layout, sidebar
  • WooCommerce is adaptable with a Natural Health WordPress Theme hence if one requires they can set up a store according to their choices.
  • Social media plugins work well with this theme, some of them are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.,
  • Google Fonts are unified perfectly and 800+ Google Fonts are available
  • A contact form is provided
  • For appointments and sales call to action is provided for any queries and issues
  • Coding has been SEO friendly hence one can secure any search engine using this theme
  • Rating and review sections were also provided with this theme
  • SEO plugins were also used in this theme like Yoast, All in one SEO, tested and found to work perfectly and nicely.
  • Social sharing plugins found tested and work nicely with the theme
  • Multilingual Plugins provided
  • Customize based theme
  • Google fonts are provided with sets and subsets as special characters, a different variety of fonts were also provided in the theme
  • Gallery plugins are compatible
  • Font size can be changed as the theme provides the social icons which are used based on fonts
  • Installation is free of cost
  • Natural Health WordPress theme is very simple and easy to use because the focus on technical content is to reduce
  • Documentation and Demo content are provided so setup can be done easily
  • No language barrier. One can change the language as per their requirement as the POT file is provided
  • RTL languages like right to left, Arabic, and Urdu have been tested
  • The Codex theme is tested and provides the standards for the theme
  • The coding of the theme is security-based
  • HTML5 CSS3 is being used to make the theme look more fancy and attractive
  • Testing is done properly with various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.,
  • Tested the theme with other devices like laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, notebooks, etc.,
  • The theme is retina-ready so no side effects to the eyes
  • There is HD ready so high-resolution plasma TVs, and projectors, LED’s are compatible
  • Page builder provides 30+ blocks
  • Complete website solution used to make the use of the website easier
  • Cache plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, and WP-Optimize are tried and used properly.

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More About Natural Health WordPress Theme

Natural Health WordPress Theme is made for industries and organizations like Spa and Beauty Salon, Yoga and Meditation Centers, and Ayurvedic Healing Centers, etc., also Organizations like healthcare companies, schools, colleges were taking advantage of this theme to grow and make the health mentally and physically strong.

Yoga, meditation, healing, fitness, and psychology become easy to use with the help of this theme. The website is very simple and easy to use. It has all the features and gives updates about the sessions according to one’s needs.

Natural Health WordPress Theme saves time and money in traveling. One can get the details handmade with the help of this theme. Review and blog posts made this theme easy to use for customers as well as for users. The coaches and the centers take the help of the theme for making advertisements for their shops.

Simple bookings can be done from mobile phones, and laptops, by taking the help of the website. Location of the centers like the Aroma center, Ayurvedic center, Yoga, and Meditation center are made easy with the help of the website. Address location, about the trainers, fee charge, extra facilities, timings everything is mentioned in the theme.

In today’s world health care has become a crucial task in one’s life. Also, one cannot go and find all the details about the health care center because of the hectic schedule, so our Natural Health WordPress Theme has all the requirements that a user wants. This website is a multipurpose website because it provides its use to many industries.

People making or setting up their own health care company or Herbal Life Science balance products can use this website which is of much beneficial because it allows the company to get more customers and users with the facility it provides.

The theme is very simple to use because of SEO-friendly coding which does not have bugs and the coding is done in a very simple way to give proper SEO results. Get the website and make use of it with its multipurpose functionality.