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WP Theme Features

Features of Sushi Restaurant WordPress Theme

SKT Sushi is a professional WordPress theme that fits the requirement of anyone who’s in the Food & Restaurant industry. As a highly responsive theme sushi restaurant WordPress theme offers excellent customization.

Given the theme and the name ‘Sushi’ associated with it, food bloggers, chefs, and other food industry professionals are on the lookout for a theme to showcase their specialty and their menu, to name a few.

As mentioned earlier, the theme is customizable, given that it is a perfect blend between niche-specific and multipurpose themes. Suppose this is the first time you’re coming across a niche-specific theme.

In that case, the difference is that they have advanced functionality that comes with laser-focus precision to suit a specific industry. So, the amalgamation of niche-specific and multipurpose functionalities makes the theme an ideal choice for people from different verticals.


  • The theme is compatible with all the food-related WordPress plugins such as WP Store Locator, Store Hours Manager for WooCommerce, WPPizza, Yummly Rich, Meal Planner, Recipe Hero, and Recipe Box, to name a few
  • Multilingual plugin support such as qTranslate X, WPML, and Polylang compatible
  • Simple and exponentially easy to use
  • Sidebar pages layout
  • It comes with an SEO plugin, and at the same time, it is SMO and WooCommerce friendly as well
  • Built with modern-day technology such as CSS3 and HTML5
  • 100% Responsive and Google Mobile friendly

Different Page Options:

Today websites are an indispensable part of businesses. If your website doesn’t have the necessary pages and sections, you could lose out on your potential customers.

Further, this also means you’ll miss out on a big chunk of revenue alongside losing the credibility of keeping your audience hooked.

SKT Sushi can help your visitor tell you a compelling story. At the same time, you can showcase what menu you offer and how they can place the order directly from the website. With SKT Sushi, you’ll be able to add content to these pages and make the most of your website.

Home: Home or Homepage in SKT Sushi will help you direct users, across your entire website. Make sure that you use the theme to the fullest so that your guests can roam around and access your website without a hassle.

About: If you’re running a restaurant or a food joint, ensure that you introduce yourself to a distinctive food service provider and how you’re different from your competitors.

Services: On this page, you can include all the services you provide so that your customers will have an easy time availing of the services.

Menu: You can list your entire menu here alongside the price tag that would help your customers get to have what they’ve been looking for.

News: You can add recent developments that you introduced to the menu or your restaurant’s space. Also, you can start writing blogs in this section to keep your customers in the loop.

Contact Us: You can add your phone number, location, and even WhatsApp number to keep in touch with your customers.

Cart: On this page, after your customers place the order, they can stack up all the chosen product before checkout.

How can the restaurant business benefit from this sushi restaurant WordPress theme?

In a world driven by digitization, a great-looking website alongside all the essential functionalities will enhance people’s confidence in your brand irrespective of how big or small the business is; having a website made up of WordPress will give you a well-needed edge you need.

Your business will be in good hands with the sushi restaurant WordPress theme.

For instance, SKT Sushi is:

  • Flexible, Free, and Easy-to-use

The theme is incredibly flexible and offers a perfect counterpart for complicated platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in building websites; you won’t have to rely on coding experts to get started with a website. Instead, apply the theme, and you’re good to go!

The sushi restaurant WordPress theme is easy to use and template-based. Also, the drag and drop interfaces make it easier to move images, texts, and several other things that make this WordPress theme a pleasure to use.

  • Blog Friendly

At the core, WordPress is essentially a blog platform that can be used to curate a blog either for your restaurant, cafe, or your services. You can leverage the blog to communicate with your audience better. Remember, the audience can become your customer in the long run.

Either in the news section or rename it entirely as Blogs, you can add your recipes, daily specials, and posts to inspire your customers to healthy eating habits.

  • Industry-specific plugins

Plugins in WordPress are nothing more than apps on smartphones. Plugins are the ingenious pieces of software that add significant functionality to your website. There are tens of hundreds of plugins, both free and premium versions, available to use.

  • SEO Friendly

Last and not least, SEO is also a reason why people are jumping on the bandwagon of using WordPress. WordPress provides the ins and out to the user to write content either for web or blogs, keeping the SEO practice intact.

As a popular CMS platform, WordPress comes with an SEO-friendly attribute, further making the sushi restaurant WordPress theme an ideal choice for anyone who wants organic visitors to browse your website.

The restaurant and cafe themes with SKT Sushi always offer visitors a pleasurable browsing experience. Not only does SKT Sushi offer intuitive UI, but it also comes with tons of valuable features that further add an aesthetically pleasing look.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect WordPress theme for your restaurant or cafe, then SKT Sushi will go a long way to help your establishment gain an online presence.

  • Social Media Buttons

You can also link your social media handles directly to anywhere on your website. By the looks of it, networking platforms ranging from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+, among others, can be added to make interconnectedness better.

Last Words:

SKT Sushi is an easily accessible WordPress tool aimed to help businesses belonging to the food and restaurant industry grow exponentially.