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Features of UI Design WordPress Theme

Here find out creative UI design WordPress theme that is suitable for business, personal portfolio, freelancers, creative agencies and other related niches.

About SKT UI UX theme and its demo content:
Our UI design WordPress theme is not just a template but also is an all one solution that included every feature and plugin as possible. To mold and shape your page you have will have so many opportunities.

With an advanced admin panel and visual process, you will be able to customize the complete look and feel of your website as per your specifications. On each page, your can fine-tune colors and animate the elements.

For a while flat website design is being around and in the web design industry, these designs are gaining much more popularity. It will delete many complex elements such as shadows, textures, gradients, etc, and focus more on simplicity.

Instead of choosing a complicated design people to prefer to choose a simple UI design WordPress theme that gives a great look to your online presence. You should use the SKT UI UX theme to create a modern, straightforward, vibrant, and interactive website for your company.

SKT UI UX is a modern template that offers a one-page design, simplistic and flat website. It has 6 pre-designed pages including blog, services, home, about, pages, and contact page.

Social media icons are also placed at the right corner of a header section. Below you will find some of the most useful sections that exhibit your work, business details. Total clients served, total projects completed and employees working with your firm.

Display your skills in the form of percentages. show your customers reviews and feedback in the most innovative way along with the profile picture and ratings.

Show the difference between your standard and advanced plan by mentioning costing, total hours, projects type, and variation. Even you can take your visitors to the pricing page by adding a small call to action button on it.

Below you will find the latest news section where you can display the latest article or blog details.

By default contact form is also integrated. However, you will find that this template is compatible with popular third-party plugins and tools.

What is UI design?
The method of enhancing interactivity and presentation of mobile or a web application is called a UI design. It focuses mainly on the look of your application and helps your website to get interact with users without any difficulties.

While using the applications the buttons, screen, page or any visual elements that are visible to you is the user interface of that specific web or mobile application.

What is UX design?
Whereas, the method of enhancing the complete experience of your users so that they can interact properly with the website or application to achieve its goal and improve the maximum customer satisfaction.

The developers and designers work on UX design by keeping customers in mind. It focuses more on structuring its elements and components to build the user flow.

Why UX/UI design is important?
The major goal of any sort of business is to improve the growth and enhance the sales of the business. In achieving such goals, UX/UI plays an important role. The customer satisfaction and user experience can be improved if your application has a proper UI/UX design.

Ultimately you will get more users for your application.

Because your audiences are having a number of alternatives and choices for services or products, so you have less time to grab your user’s attention so you need to attract your customers quickly as much as possible.

SKT UI UX is a premium and multipurpose UI design WordPress theme that features a stylish, clean, and fresh design. The layouts and their design go perfectly for all stylish interior design studios and architect-related business websites.

To showcase interior design projects, your work, renovation process videos, add team members, post architectural and design articles, sell design, etc the theme offers the best collection of shortcodes.

It consists of some amazing designs and features that will help your web presence to look more impressive and attractive to your audiences.

Some basic components of UX/UI design are:

Usability: Usability can be considered user-friendliness. If your website is easy to navigate then your users will get all the necessary information on your website very easily that they were looking for.

Usability also can be categorized as the method of managing errors.

Information Architecture: IA is the short form of information architecture. The main aspects that make sure the business strategies are satisfied by the structure of the website’s information.

The main role of IA is to provide easy navigation to its users does no matter that which browser they are using. It will ensure to provide a top-level navigation menu.

Interaction Design: Interaction Design is about developing conceptual design so that your user can interact better with your application. The interaction includes different colors, images, font, aesthetics, sound, motion, graphics, and so on.

Visual Design: One of the methods of defining the brand of the company is visual design. The visual design you finalize can actually affect the behavior of your users. Therefore this component is considered the most important aspect of UI design.

Wire-framing: Wire-framing also plays an important role in creating a sample to test the usability, look, and features of your application before it gets launched.

How UI design WordPress theme will make your website more successful?
Most of the people that land on your website comes from mobile phones. Some of the top websites are successful just because they have an attractive interface and seamless navigation.

To make your application successful you need to develop a website that has a beautiful and efficient UX/UI design. This will make sure that the users landing on your website from mobile phones or desktop devices are having the best user experience and easy interface.

A great UI design WordPress theme will not only give a visually appealing and user-friendly website but also you will have an attractive appearance with greater functionality.

While using a website, your users will have a realistic feel. It will also give the uninterrupted flow of valuable information. Thus, more and more people will be interested in your website which will generate natural traffic by itself.

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