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WP Theme Features

Features of Vastu Shop WordPress Theme

  • SKT Feng Shui is a Vastu shop WordPress theme crafted for our Indian customers by SKT Themes.
  • The main purpose behind creating an SKT Feng Shui theme was to offer you a creative, clean, and unique theme so that you can avail your astrology services in a professional manner.
  • SKT Feng Shui is a great and ideal template for tarot reading, Jyotish, astrology, horoscopes, numerology, palm reading, gemstone consulting, Vastu shastra consulting, birthday books, and more.
  • Vastu Shop WordPress theme is easy to go as well as it is completely editable. As well as you can create new page layouts that will help you to showcase your offers, services, deals, blogs, and more.
  • No advanced programming skills and knowledge are required. Also, the installation process is kept simple. As well as our Vastu shop WordPress theme contains rich galleries, images, and flexible cursors.
  • Vastu Shop WordPress theme fully adjustable, dynamic, and flexible layout that is designed in such a way it appears great on any screen size.

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More Details About Vastu Shop WordPress Theme

Let us see how you can build your astrology website with our Vastu shop WordPress theme:

Most people do not believe in horoscope and astrology they take it as fun but some people believe in it and consider it as the major source of revelation of their personality, happenings, future events, and love life. With the rise of social media and the internet, astrology and related concepts have set a new summit. Some of the research also reveals that more than 30% of Americans believe in Astrology.

Nowadays millions of people are getting into the astrology field, hence there will be immense competition. To stand out from the crowd and influence the targeted customers you require a first-class Vastu shop WordPress theme that will assist you to create the most influential website that is highly flexible and visually pleasing too.

Vastu Shop WordPress theme is just made available for such people who are looking to explore astrology type of business niches. People like you will fall in love with its unique features and a brief description that suits well for any astrology event, zodiac, gemstone store, astrologer, and other horoscope report shops.

About SKT Feng Shui Theme

Our Vastu shop WordPress theme comes with predefined inner pages and WooCommerce integration to make your business more profitable. Not only you can offer products but also you can offer different Vastu and astrology-related services such as Gemstone consulting, horoscope reading, numerology, palm reading, and more. Within a few minutes, you will be able to install the content. To help you in creating a website with a drag-and-drop option comprehensive documentation is provided.

The website you create with the SKT Feng Shui Vastu Shop WordPress theme will be search engine friendly, fast-loading, and of premium quality. However, it even allows you to sell physical as well as digital products online.

About Vastu Shastra

As per some popular Acharya if you start learning more about Vastu Shastra and the science behind it you will know the reasons why there is a shortage of money in your life even after working hard and many things regarding it.

They are responsible for providing some tips and tricks to improve life balance to live a life peacefully. Some will suggest removing the spider webs from your shop or house and making sure your home or shop is clean in the future.

If you encounter any type of crust or marks on the wall, make sure you repair it as soon as possible. As it is the major reason for causing financial problems. For every single shopkeeper, it is not possible to hire an expert Vastu consultant for every small stuff. To run your business organization in a smoother way you will find so many superior Vastu techniques and Vastu tips on the internet. In many businesses, the owners are facing tough competition which makes it hard to make a daily profit heavy competition.

Few of them come to the point when they start thinking of closing shops. Also, the rents are high frequency, thus it becomes impossible for them to manage the staff, maintain the stocks and so on. At this time Vastu Shastra or a feng shui comes to rescue the entrepreneurs. Because of the invention in technology, most businesses are getting their presence on the web world.

However, most of the retailer’s businesses are losing their customers due to the increase in competition. The population is increasing day by day and hence everyone looks for more profits, money, and work. So what will be the better solution for such problems?

Following the tips of Vastu or purchasing some important Vastu products might help you in improving your lifestyle. A human needs food, air, clothing, shelter, health, and education to live a life. but money is the major source by which you can get all these seven essential aspects easily to live our lives.

Lack of finance in our life can attract negative energy into our house. Vastu Shastra which is also popular as Vedic science or Vastu Veda helps us to maintain peace at our home. Also as good practice of Vastu Shastra can leave a great impact on our financial prosperity too. Vaastu tries to bring positive energy to our lives by practicing the 5 key elements.

So, our Vastu shop WordPress theme is all about setting up a store to help you in selling Vastu-related products without any hassle. To fulfill our customer’s demand we came up with a very interesting product i.e. SKT Feng Shui that will offer you a simple platform to sell your Vastu shastra products easily.

The 6 Predefined pages offered to you are About, Home, Categories, products, news, and contact page

  1.  The home section will be a short overview of your complete website.
  2. About us, the page is there to avail extra space to add a small story behind your business.
  3. The product page is there to allow you to add a number of Vastu Shastra products and make them sell by adding short descriptions, images, and costs.
  4. The categories page can be used to categorize your Vastu products on the basis of different elements.
  5. The contact page is there to allow you to add all your contact details. whereas a news page is there to allow you to add blogs and articles to your products.

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