5 Checkout Best Simple & Clean WordPress Themes 2022

clean wordpress themes
Before discussing the Clean WordPress themes you need to know why you should use themes. Themes are used to catch attention from your audiences but unfortunately, all the themes are not clean enough.

Themes with gorgeous colors and elements are often not the right choice or you. If you want simplicity purposefully then clean themes are the right choice for you.

Gorgeous themes often distract your audiences from focusing on your web content. But Clean WordPress themes remove distracting elements from your website and put the main focus on the web content.

In the following compilation, top 5 Clean WordPress themes are discussed

Luxury Watch Pro

Luxury Watch


Luxury Watch Pro is considered to be one of the Clean WordPress themes that are designed or coded for getting a luxurious website for our business. From the name, one can understand that this theme is only for luxury brands to showcase their luxurious items to their potential customers.

You can effortlessly set up your website with this Clean WordPress theme not only that, but Luxury Watch is also compatible with many types of plug-ins.

Here some powerful features of this theme are discussed

a. Homepage of your website will get a nice look with this template

b. In-built social media icon and also compatible with other social media plug-ins to link your website with social networking sites.

c. Luxury Watch is coded as per security standards and is compatible with security plug-ins

d. Luxury Watch is compatible with WooCommerce plug-in that can expand your business online

e. Supports cross-browser compatibility that means your website can be successfully loaded on almost every web browsers.

f. On top of that, this theme is SEO friendly and supports popular SEO plug-ins to improve search engine ranking of your website

Complete Pro

complete wordpress theme
Complete Pro is designed or coded specially for the financial sectors, law firms, financial advising sectors, and many others. This theme is capable of representing your businesses’ professionalism in the best possible manner.

Moreover, there is a specific section in this template that consists of a group of technical experts to assist you with expert advice. With this theme you can manifest your company’s services in the form of icons and texts and customization is also offered.

Complete Pro is packed with several powerful features that are as follows

a. The homepage section of this theme has been formed with the help of SKT page builder that assures a modern look besides, customization is also convenient

b. You can fine-tune the color schemes of this theme that will enhance the overall look of your business website

c. Widget friendly theme that means you can add important content on the respective sections to make them more accessible to your audiences

d. Compatible with social media commenting plug-ins that allow your audiences to comment on the posts or blogs using their social media profiles.

e. Moreover, it is also SEO friendly and compatible with several popular SEO plug-ins

f. This template is coded to be retina friendly that means your website is ready for projector-based screens. Moreover, for its responsiveness, your website can be viewed on any device.

Elements Pro

Elements pro
This theme is precisely designed and coded for food item selling websites and food bloggers. Food selling companies can showcase their important things and services by using this template.

Besides, it is considered to be one of the simple Clean WordPress themes for those who don’t have any prior knowledge about coding or HTML or CSS.

Images can explain more than words this is the main reason many people consider to use this theme for their websites. It could be the perfect choice for those who want their websites to be simple yet unique.

Elements Pro is equipped with many features that are explored here

a. AMP plug-in is supported by this template that can be utilized for giving better mobile experience to your audiences especially for those who only want to focus on the content

b. Blog is provided by default with this theme, so if someone has any prior blogging experience can use this theme effectively

c. Supports cross-browser compatibility that means your website is ready for a successful loading on almost every updated browsers

d. Social media and SEO plug-ins are supported by this Clean theme

e. WooCommerce compatible and you can start selling you products via online shop

f. Ele Business has in-built customizer and once changes are done it can be previewed from the backend before publishing

SKT Corp Pro

SKT Corp Pro
With the advancement of technology, new software companies are also emerging on a large scale. But it is difficult for a start-up to compete with the existing or already established companies.

If you have decided to design your website accordingly to compete with those existing companies then this is the right choice for you. IT solution is one of the Clean WordPress themes that are known to be the best platform to construct your website.

Besides, there is no relevance to hire a professional designer to develop your website; you are enough to develop your website. Moreover, you can also control your website from the very beginning and also influence audiences with your digital presence.

SKT Corp Pro comes with a huge list of features; some of them are explained here

a. SKT Corp Pro is coded with user-friendly navigation that can keep your visitors engaged for a long time to spend their time on your website

b. You can integrate widgets in various sections of your web page while designing your site as this theme is widget friendly

c. You can convey your content brewing them with images, videos or slideshow. This gives a splendid appearance to your website

d. Cache plugins are supported by this Clean theme that means no issues with the loading speed

e. You can shield your website from malware attacks and hackers and this is only possible when you use some security plug-ins supported by this theme

f. Online transactions can also be carried with this theme as it is compatible with WooCommerce plugins

Event Planners Pro

Events planner
It can be easily said that this is one of the Clean WordPress themes specially designed for the event planners to maintain their online presence. If you have an event house or just an event planner and thinking to design a website to promote your business and ideas then this is the right place for you.

Moreover, this theme is congenial with many popular social media that means you can easily engage more traffic to your website and more sharing of your works.

Event Planners Pro is equipped with various salient features that are explored as under

a. Event Planners Pro comes with a manual that consists of working and set up guide for your webpage

b. One year support is also offered by the developer for their customers, it helps you to resolve all your queries.

c. Search pages, archives are offered to make your website more structured and attractive to your potential audiences

d. Event Planner Pro supports WooCommerce plugins that will take care of all of your e-commerce transactions

e. This theme is compatible with almost every old or new web browsers due to its flat design approach

f. You are also offered to catch-up the preview of your real-time change before ultimate implementation

That brings you to the end of this discussion where you have learned about some WordPress themes that can increase the traffic on your website and also helps to improve the SEO ranking.

Themes are not only used to enhance the beauty of our website but it also helps you to put all the focuses on your content.

Deepika Sharma

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