A 9 Step to Write an Effective ‘About Us’ Page

how to write a good about page
So, if you have finally decided to create a website. The first thing that you need to think about is which way do you want your website to look and what you want on your new WordPress website.

There will be a few different pages on your website that will give information about your business like the home page, about us page, contact page, etc. Here we will discuss about how to write effective about us page.

The about us page is not just about your company or brand. It is about why your clients or users should emotionally invest in your brand or why you are the best person to solve your client’s problem. Basically, it’s about gaining trust ad providing a product that solves your user’s issues.

Here in this article we will discuss on easily applicable techniques we have picked up for how you can write effective about us page, this will make your job a lot easier.

Step 1: Always start with a structure

Creating a structure or design of your page is very important, just like when you created an outline or structure for designing your website. It is extremely important to know what you want in your page before you start doing anything.

For this before creating any structure of your about us page, you need to ask yourself some questions like:

What kind of information do you want on this page?
What kind of photos or videos you want to show on this page to your visitors?
What will be the structure of your about us page? How many paragraphs, images, sections and other things will your page have?

Step 2: tell them your Professional story

Think your about us page as an interview. Include points that tell your readers that connect you with your website. When did you start blogging? Or any event that made you start a blog?

Even if your brand does not have any interesting story, you can still tell your story to audiences. Here you can also information about how you started your business.

You do not have to tell people everything, filter the information accordingly and mention only those key elements that you think are of human interest. Share only the parts that you are comfortable with the internet knowing.

Step 3: Share what’s happening behind the scene

In this World where the internet is common like you are using it now, transparency is becoming a marketable benefit, rather than an option.

Once you have established your business online, people will want to know your story about how you have reached this far. Customers want to know the inside of your company more than anything.

Embrace it and take the opportunity to talk about your brand about how it has developed and grown, the satisfied clients that you have and more.

Also, avoid oversharing, do not give too much information about your business or products. Make sure that you do not give any data about your employees or clients.

A little secret is always better. The key purpose of your website is that it should generate leads that can then convert into your business customers.

Step 4: Utilize the voice of your brand

Here in this you have to make use of your brands voice. As everyone knows each brand has its own unique voice, that is that industry that you work in, the users that you target for your business or the price of the service or product that you are offering.

These are the key points to always keep in mind when you are developing an exceptional voice of your brand.

On the off chance that you are creating a website for your business, there are chances that you have a voice for your brand.

It can be created from the social media of your business, the content or product that you have on your website. Similarly, in the about us, your brand voice should be noticeable in this page.

Step 5: Throw in some eye candy

Nobody really likes to read a page full of text. People are always looking for something new and if the came across a website that has text in full page, they will most likely switch to another website. What they really want when they land on your page is to learn, in simple terms, what do you do.

There is no better way to write rather than writing in conversationally. Write your content in a way that makes your website and your content feel accessible and user-friendly.

Also, to write effective about us page, ensure that your break the text with nice images and videos. As it is said humans easily remember images rather than text. So, make sure to add images in between text, as it will leave a lasting impact on your clients.

Step 6: Make sure there are no mistakes

If there are any mistakes in the spelling or grammar of your about us page then this will be the major turn off for your users and will also leave a bad impression.

On the off chance if there is any mistake in the spelling or grammar, then do you think that the users will trust you with their money.

Thus, make sure that you always proofread the content that you are putting on your website for everyone to see it. Or you can also have someone else proofread it for you.

Step 7: Know your SEO

SEO is the most important feature of any website, and SEO also practices on your about us page. As there is the use of a website it is difficult for the users to find it.

And SEO is the key to be found. Below given are some SEO methods that you can follow while creating your about us page.

Ensure to utilize relevant keywords: Use the keywords that are relevant to your business and your industry,also avoid keyword-stuffing.

Optimize the images and videos: Large images and videos will affect your website, as it will load slow. And if your site does not load quickly your visitors will switch to another site. So, give a little time to optimize your images and videos, this will help your site to load faster.

Step 8: Share your social media profiles

Share your social profiles in your about us page, this will increase the visitor engagement that will help your website to grow.

Adding call to action buttons of the social links on your about us page will be a great way to engage the user on your brand.

Step 9: Show your clients reviews and testimonials

Displaying reviews and recommendations are no doubt the fantastic way to gain visitors attraction and trust. Having a good review can make or break your brand.

And if your website has some great reviews then you should definitely show it on your about us page so that your visitors can see it.

Similarly, testimonials are another form of reviews that shows people like your product and service that you are offering. Testimonials are more detailed and are planned to advertise your business. This will show the level of trust that your customer has on your brand.

Wrapping It Up!
We hope the above given information help you write an effective about us page for your website. About us page will give information about your business and brand, but will also showcase the trust that your customers have on your brand.

This will help you increase the popularity of your business and effectively appeals your visitors and convert them into your clients.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure sktthemes.in is up to date.