How Web Designers Can Help in a Crisis

Web designers can help in crisis
The lives of millions and billions of people are at risk due to coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many changes all over the world.

Small and big scale industries are affected because of lockdown declared in every state and city. And this is the biggest crisis on a global scale.

But it is the fact that only coronavirus can’t affect all our lives. There are some alternatives too. If you are a web developer or designer then you can play in the time as this one.

Web designers can help in crisis whether it is pandemic, unforeseen challenge, or any natural disaster because the website is the simplest and easiest way to inform your visitors about latest information.

Web helps you to bring people together of any kind of size. Web informs users about the safe and dangerous things they can experience and can avoid. Or they can be informed about what resources they can access at the time of these crises.

Web designers can help in crisis with some methods. Few of them are listed below that you can pitch to your customers

Help your audiences to spread the awareness

Due to coronavirus outbreak our global scale has lead to many crises. In these situation restaurants, offices sporting leagues are informed to be shut down temporarily.

If you have ever worked with the clients who are facing a bad situation you should reach them. Ask impacted clients to accept the favor. Find something that you can help them on their website.

Some clients will not consider this favor helpful because they are unaware of how they can help the world to stop crises and how your favor can help them to reach their customers.

One thing that web designers can help in crisis by writing a blog that will explain business current situation and the impact, for example, you can add working hours of their business, regularly updating the social media feed to attract more clients.

Yes, it is obvious that we all need to pay bills but in this crisis, if you offer something for free or discounted services then your clients will be very grateful to you. Thus they will appreciate your services and they will come back to you when they need to be paid help.

Build a strong community

People need a platform to communicate with each other. Therefore from an online hub, the affected area can benefit. Website related to the online hub is very easy to establish just you require installing a plugin like bbPress and Buddy Press for free. And it will help your client to connect with the people.

For some time these types of service can be a real lifesaver. People looking for help or looking to find some resources can get connected to someone who can help them. This is what you can change something very important that will make a real difference in everyone’s life.

Raise Funds

If you are a web designer and having experience in eCommerce business then you can be a big reason for a setting platform for your clients to raise funds.

Crowdfunding is one of the best plugins that helps you to generate funds. You can integrate this plugin to your client website that needs help. The process of adding this functionality is the same as adding the WooCommerce plugin for shopping cart.

Rather than adding a plugin to existing websites try to create a new landing page that urge for donation and track the progress. You can add some payment gateways to it for the online transactions. Try to create an appealing website that will raise maximum funds.

Be a journalist for citizen

This process needs time as you can’t consider it an immediate method to pitch your clients or for helping others. But it can outcome with the best results.

In a natural disaster, web designers can help in crisis by updating people with the lasting public record. It does not need so much time and effort you just have to start creating a blog.

You can start writing about your adventure. Collecting photos or uploading your picture with the recent situation will add crucial elements i.e visual effect. Plus at that platform, you can ask visitors to share about their experience and the situation over there.

This kind of help will be benefited for both types of people like the people who are suffering can know the situation and the people who are away from these can learn something from it.

Use your skills to create some variation

In this dangerous situation, the people from other professions can come together and share their thoughts that can impart a hand. Even if we can’t meet people personally and can’t build houses for needy one but we can create an online platform where we can help them by raising funds.

The main motto of writing this post was to help needy people by using our skills and techniques.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure is up to date.