How to Fix “The Page isn’t Redirecting Properly” Message?

The Page isn’t Redirecting Properl
Firefox is a publicly available and well-known web browser which has more than 250 million users all across the world. Indeed it has more users, it also has some kind of issues such as the page isn’t redirecting properly‘ which has been faced by so many users on a web browser.

Sometimes it will also show the message like ‘Firefox has noticed that your web server is reoriented the request for this address n such a way that it would never complete’.

In this blog, we will learn about the error mentioned above plus we will give you some easiest solution or common fixes that will help you to deal with such issues plus you will be able to open various websites such as Gmail and YouTube on your browsers very easily.

A user can access the Firefox browser on any device such as tablets, desktop even on mobile phones. This browser also works perfectly different operating systems including Linux, iOS, windows, etc. People using such platforms have encountered the error message i.e. ‘the page has a redirect loop’.

This message encounters the Firefox browser when the user is working with Gmail or trying to get access to their YouTube account. In this blog, you will find a solution to fix the same.

You might be wondering how to fix this issue? Well, we have considered this issue seriously and tried to give you a step by step guide so that you can resolve this issue on your own. Before checking those points let us see what kind of issue we are talking about.

What is the problem with ‘the page isn’t redirecting properly’?

In your web browser if you face technical problems such as “too many redirects“, then it means something wrong happens on your web.

This problem is also escorted by the text as “this page has a redirect loop” and this will block your designed website from loading.

This problem signifies that the website redirects cyclically continuously in between two separate addresses and it might have gone into an endless loop which is the reason your browser is not loading the page that you are trying.

Consider this example, the 1st URL is going to load 2nd URL and URL 2nd is going to load URL 1st. however, this process will never get you the result you are trying to open. And this type of problem is generally encountered when user accesses YouTube account or Gmail. This error could encounter even when you are trying to open other websites.

Actually when your request goes to infinite look the browser tries to protect you when it goes to a specific number of redirects i.e. 10, therefore, it shows you the message ‘the page isn’t redirecting properly’.

Firefox and chrome both will encounter a message or a popup for the same reason. The popup message could on Chrome be an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

On Firefox
Firefox might have recognized that the server is reorienting the request in such a way that it will never finish.
The problem is Firefox can be encountered by refusing or disabling to accept cookies.

On Chrome
These pages will have a redirect loop because of so many redirects. This problem might be fixed if you clear the cookie of your website or permit third party cookies. If still this problem is not resolved that means the problem is not with your computer it might have a server configuration problem.

How to fix ‘the page is not redirecting properly?
Because of cookies, this problem continues. The best way to resolve this error would be cleaning your browser cookies and history. This solution will work for both Firefox and Chrome.

Steps are given below to fix this issue in Firefox

Method 1: Clean up your browser cookies
Step 1:
Open the Firefox browser on your computer and any other device. Now at the top of the browser on the right-hand side, you will be able to see 3 horizontal bars. Click on that bar and go to ‘preferences’.

Step 2:
Now go to privacy and security option. This option is viewable at the left-hand side of your screen. Scroll downs the page you will get the option to clean your data under “cookies and site data”. Click on “clear data”.

Step 3:
The popup window will get appear where you need to check the box for cached web content and cookies and site data. Then click on clear button

By following these 3 easiest steps it will clean all cookies and the web content stored in cache memory. After this close all Firefox application and reopen it. In most of the access, the problem of ‘the page isn’t redirecting properly’ will get solved. If you are encountered with the same problem again then follow the 2nd method which is mentioned below

Method 2: use Firefox option

Step 1:
Open the browser that is Mozilla Firefox. In the upper right corner, you will get access to three horizontal bars click on it, and go to preferences.

Step 2:
After 1st step goes to the privacy and security option which is visible at left side of your browser screen. Scroll the page to the downside until you find the option “history”. Click on history, a small drop-down list will appear. Click on “use custom settings for history”.

Step 3:
Mouse click on all checkboxes to select all 4 options i.e. remember to search and from history, always use private browsing mode, remember browser and download history, clear history when Firefox closes.

Step 4:
The popup will appear which will ask you to restart the Firefox browser or not. Click on ‘restart Firefox now’.

The main problem is because of your website server or the instance when your browser is not accepting the cookies. As the two different methods are given above which can solve your problem to some extend?

The issue we talk about is very common that can be an encounter with any browser or it can occur with WordPress CMS where the request you made for redirection will go into the infinite loop. And this can refuse to reach the desired address or it can be disabled.

We hope by following these few steps you will resolve the issue.

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