18 Tips For Starting A WordPress Blog In 2023

Starting A WordPress Blog
Are you bothering about to start your WordPress blog? There are several WordPress themes through which you can build your website and start blogging. So, here we are representing the different tips which can help you to a great extent in starting your WordPress blog.

No matter what is the time, it is exciting, sometimes troubling and sometimes a little bit irritating also. But the tips, which are mentioned here will be proved efficient in starting your blog in 2021(the tips are advance based on today’s trend).

1. In-depth research is required
2. Keep a plan ready in your mind
3. Better to decide your schedule
4. Get connected with SEO
5. Keep yourself engaged in blogging association
6. Use categories and tags in a proper manner
7. Be gracious to visitors
8. Maintain adherence to 80/10/10 rule when sharing content
9. Always keep a check in traffic
10. No need to be nervous about building a network
11. Write ultimate and eye-catching content
12. Let Google know you are there
13. Establish promotional products
14. Get an SSL
15. Consider writing sponsored posts
16. Keep your job maintained
17. Select a unique and relevant theme
18. Keep your visitors engaged for a long time

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So are you ready? Let’s go into the description

1. In-depth research is required:

If you want to start your blog then it is a must that you do a lot of research on the topic in which you want to write, you can also refer other famous bloggers may be your competitors or others popular blogger.

It is as much important as keyword research. If you are referring another blog post, it does not mean that you are doing the copy of them.

It is just as you want to attract more traffic by knowing the titles which are on a pace currently. You also have to search a suitable WordPress theme for developing your website.

2. Keep a plan ready in your mind:

For starting from scratch preparing your plan which is well established is much required. As if you do not make any plan or you are just thinking to start your blog then you can not achieve your dream of starting a blog or it may even possible that you have started but you will not be a successful blogger as compared to others.

So, before starting the aim and plan will be clear as you have to provide an introduction to the front page about yourself. It will also make you capable of doing marketing on social media.

3. Better to decide your schedule:

It is much fine if you blog in accordance with your mood, but if you want to become a successful blogger then you have to be focused on your task of blogging. For this, you have to maintain a schedule.

4. Get connected with yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is one of the popular SEO tools. It comes up with different functionality and advanced feature. You can use this tool to attract more traffic to your blog.

5. Keep yourself engaged in blogging association:

It is the best way to get connected with the other famous bloggers, it may be possible that some of your visitors also are popular bloggers. You have to maintain cordial relations with them as it can help you to grow your career as a blogger. You can also comment on their blog.

6. Use categories and tags in a proper manner:

You need not confuse between tags and keywords. Tags are the defined terms and are used for the internal organization for your blog. You must not use Categories many times as it is very generic. Categories and tags are known as taxonomies, and they organize blog posts in WordPress.

7. Be gracious to visitors:

Make your blog easy enough that people can reach them without any difficulty. Include a search form on your blog so that people can search for an article as per their interest and it will keep them engaged with your blog.

8. Maintain adherence to 80/10/10 rule when sharing content:

It can help you to hook up with numerous expert bloggers in your alcove. This rule states that:

  • 80 percent sharing other people’s content on social media.
  • 10 percent sharing your content which not works well with the sell.
  • 10 percent sharing youradvertising content (if you’re selling a product or service or sharing a sponsored post).

9. Always keep a check in traffic:

For doing this analysis Google analytics is the best tool. Use Google analytics to measure traffic on your website. By doing it you can keep a track of what are the pages that are most visited or which are the blogs which are most liked by the visitors. 

10. No need to be nervous about building a network:

It is always a great idea to increase your knowledge in this respective stream. The more you get connected with other influential bloggers the more you get experience. As a result, you can work better on your blogs and contents and can get more social subscribers

11. Write ultimate and eye-catching content:

Content is most important to keep people engaged with your blog. Keep your content unique then only visitors like your content as in your content they find something unique which is not in others content. People always like bloggers who are eminent in expressing their thoughts to them.

12. Let Google know your Presence:

It is a vital part of starting a blog. If Google does not know you are there then visitors also can not able to find you. So, at first add your website to Google search console, to keep an audit of your blog’s popularity.

13. Establish promotional products:

If you want to earn money through blogging then is always good to keep a media kit. A media kit consists of information and stats so that your website can be pitched quickly. Potential advertisers can see your stats and ad rates if you share this with them.

14. Get an SSL:

It is one important point to keep in mind before starting your blog. It provides security to your website from being hacked by the hackers. It is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer and it works accordingly to its name, we can say that it provides a secure layer to your website.

15. Consider writing sponsored posts:

Advertising content is included in the sponsored posts, it is basically a product or service from a company that has hired you to blog about them. It is one of the possible ways of making money through blog.

16. Keep your day job maintained:

If you want to start your carrier as a blogger on a full-time basis, it is good but does not do haste in taking a decision. Do not quit your day job, you can quit after you become a successful blogger and started earning money. As for becoming an influential blogger, it takes time and lot of research.

17. Select unique and relevant theme:

Choosing a WordPress theme is a crucial task. You have to be very careful while selecting WordPress theme, have to consider different factors like it would be compatible with your operating system, must support different plugins which are required by you, responsive, easy to modify and likewise.

18. Keep your visitors engaged for a long time:

It is must be required by you to increase your popularity. As long as the visitors will stay on your website then the possibility of subscribing to your newsletter, sharing your article, buy products or services which you are providing or may hire you for providing services to them.
Quick Wrap Up:
Hope this proved to be helpful in resolving your queries about starting your own blog.

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