Top 9 WordPress Plugins You Didn’t Know You Need On Your Website

Top 9 WordPress Plugins

As most of you know that WordPress has become a popular platform for developing prominent websites these days.

Due to its multifaceted features, WordPress has been chosen by many of the developers. WordPress provides many plugins to extend the functionality of the existing WordPress features.

WordPress plugins can provide many additional advantages to the website like collect vital data to improve your traffic helps to optimize your site and much more.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the important plugins provided by the WordPress which is lesser known and not even known by most of you, but it will provide eminent features to your website. These plugins are listed as follows:

1. Device Mockups
2. Show Plugin Menu item on activation
3. SS Scroll to up
4. Footnotes
5. Contact form 7 PayPal Add-on
6. AfterShip WooCommerce Tracking
7. Download Monitor
8. Broken Link Checker
9. Step by Step

Now we will go into the detail about these WordPress plugins:

Device Mockups:

By using the device mockups you can create mockups of various devices like we can say: mobile or a laptop which is inclined to text and images, of your choice. With the screenshot images, you can create your mockups and short-codes also.

It is specifically designed for screenshot means it work well with a screenshot and it consists of images for the wide range of devices like Nexus 7, iPhone, iPad, Mac-book, iMac and more, which is well equipped with templates.

There are some scenarios in which it is also helpful for non-technical purposes also. This would be helpful to a large extent for plugin developer and WordPress theme developer.

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Show Plugin Menu item on activation:

Every time after installing a new plugin, we have to hunt for the settings of the plugin menu. In different plugins the setting is located in the different location, there is a lot of time goes in vain in finding the location of setting.

In some plugins, it is located into sub-menus in settings. So, here the question arises is “where we have to go after installing the new plugin into to adjust the setting and to configure the new plugin’.

So, here we have the answer to this question through which it becomes easy to find the settings and our time also not been wasted in finding the settings.

The show plugin menu item on activation is the solution to this problem. If a new plugin has been added and activated, then there will be a quick pointer which will let you know, if some or many or no menu item has been added.

If there will be any then Show plugin menu item will give us the location of them. So, for saving our precious time this will be a helpful option.

SS Scroll to up:

This plugin will be efficiently used if you are publishing content on a regular basis, which is lengthy and contains more images. SS Scroll to Up is a self-effacing, petty one of the useful WordPress plugins which let you help in content management.

On the content page, it allows adding a little up arrow through which the page can be scrolled from the bottom or middle of the page to the top of the page.

So, the WordPress theme which has a lengthy script, we can include this plugin to do the task easier of scrolling from bottom to top.

It can also work in the dashboard admin area. We can get an advantage of it to get back to the top of the page quickly if we are formatting and making a page which is much longer and consists of many images.

For designing a user-friendly website this is one of the most important plugins which helps in making an effective design.


It is a truly helpful plugin, to develop a right content. Through this, we can add footnotes easily in any of our blog posts.

Any web designer can also code the footnotes in HTML but it a time consuming, multistage process to code the footnotes so instead of coding the footnotes you can directly use this plugin to include footnotes.

It helps to add reliability to your content and helps in designing fetching style to the blog posts and is easy to configure plugin.

Contact form 7 PayPal Add-on:

It can be a useful solution if you want to convert your contact form 7 into an e-commerce form. Although it will not have to do anything with all your other requirements like you want to build a sophisticated store, if you have only some specific product, then you can use this to set up a form according to your product requirement.

With this plugin, we can import a PayPal button to a form, through which customers can directly check out from the product page.

It supports 25 different currencies and 18 languages. It is easy to use and configure.

AfterShip WooCommerce Tracking:

As the name suggests, it is used to insert the after-ship track button to the order history page. It one of the vital WordPress plugins if you want to use your site as an E-commerce site.

After you installed the after ship plugin it automatically adds order number and courier fields to your admin area. With the help of after-ship track button customer can track detail of the latest order status on just a click. It supports 360+ couriers worldwide.

Premium and free access both have been offered by this plugin. The charge incurs on premium access is $10 per month. By accessing to premium you get more features like automatic customer notification and many more.

The global courier includes all the famous names like FedEx, DHL, UPS and the like. The display of the plugin can also be personalized by adding photos, logos and in whatever way you want as per your choice and convenience.

Download Monitor:

This plugin will make your website substantially easier for your potential customers. If you are offering some downloading contents in your website.

Like E-book, images or anything like that which you are allowing customers to download from your website in order if they subscribe to your email order list, this plugin can help to track the list.

Specifically, this plugin is used for the purpose of checking the number of downloads you get from your website. This ultimately helps you tracking the traffic on your website.

Broken Link Checker:

Broken Link Checker is must important plugin if you you want to check your SEO work is properly going on or not.

It specifically audits if there is any broken outgoing links on your site, if there exists any then it notifies you through dashboard or email.

It can also format them in divergent style on your page. Broken links can also be prevented to be followed by the search engines with the help of this plugin.

Broken links would be irritating for your website users and as a result, it significantly reduces traffic for your site. So, it is good to identify if there is any broken link and to fix them instantly.

Step by Step:

Step by step is one of the useful WordPress plugins for content creation. Anything you can teach in an easy and effective manner by describing the process in different steps included.

If we describe anything in step by step process so it is also easy for anyone to grasp the idea of the topic.

For example, if you want to explain any dance style, recipes, the flow of any system and likewise so this plugin surely will be helpful to present it in an effective and clear manner.

It creates a “guide” which is a new custom post and then works accordingly. Then we can easily design each step of any process we want to describe can also include images if we want and then finally assemble the whole process in properly arranged manner.
It is possible that activating more plugins on your WordPress site may slow down your system as it requires more of your system resources. We have to make sure that the plugins we need, that are of the foremost requirement to our site we have all that at a place.

The WordPress Plugins that have been described in above all have their own specific importance it, although it depends on the requirement of your site(which type of website you are developing.

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