Top 9 Podcast Recording Tips To Sound Like A Podcasting Pro

Podcast Recording Tips

If you want to build yourself as a brand name and inflate your audience then podcasting is one of the best solutions you can use. But, when you are recording podcast then you have to be very careful. At first, you have to focus on your podcast content. So, in this post, we are going to discuss top 10 podcast recording tips. Using them you can attract more audience to your website. So, here we go.

1. Evade red signal:

It deals with the sound levels of recording. Whichever application you are using for editing it is the sound levels show up there as the little scales. It shows you color signals depends on your volume of the recording. Usually, there are three colors green, yellow and red. So, one of the basic rules which you have to follow here is to avoid going to red color. As once, levels go to red color then you cannot go back to yellow color. The best way here is to try and get as close to red as plausible without actually going into that range

2. Keep an eye on your mouth:

When you are recording then keep the position of your mouth consistent relative to the mic. Consider in between recording if you drift away from the mic or even you move slightly then you can feel there is a change in the quality of your recording. Hence, there is only one way to avoid a bad impact on the recording that is to stay consistent whole time while recording. You have to decide a position like you can keep the tip of your nose touching the pop filter.

3. Entice audience with your intro:

As per my opinion, you first have to give an intro about your product or services. It is good for branding purpose, but you can approach your audience with unique ways. You are your own boss here, you can decide in what way you want to give an intro to your audience. Can also incorporate a teaser or some other thing that will inflate interest of your audience in listening to you. By making use of music you can also intrigue your audience. But, while the selection of music you have to be careful that you do not use copyrighted music.

4. Keep it perpetual:

It is one of the vital mantras for podcasting. It is a common question that what should be the duration of the podcast episode. This question is not only for the podcast but also for blogs and articles. So, the answer to this question is keep it as long as needed. Means the time you require to represent all your prerequisites, you can keep your podcast of that duration. But, keep in mind you have to be consistent in all your podcast episodes. If you frequently change duration then you might lose your listener.

5. Alluring website:

It is of utmost importance to direct people from your podcast back to your website. As people cannot click on your voice which they are listening. One of the best places where you can direct people on your website is the show notes. You have to do it smartly. Simply you have to mention a time or two times in your podcast telling people to come to your website. Show notes will make your audience available with a list of podcasts and all the necessary elements you want your audience to know. Hence, you also need to maintain your website.

6. Enamor audience with outro:

Podcast Recording

Along with your intro, you also have to keep an eye on your outro. As this is the only thing which your audience remember after listening to your podcast. A majority of podcasters miss this aspect while it is one of the most important facets. If you are meandering how to do that then it is much simple and easy. You can incarnate call to action in order to ask your audience to subscribe to your newsletter. It is recommended to tweak your call to action in regular intervals. It might be the possibility that your audience already has subscribed your newsletter.

7. Forget the fumble:  

Here what do exactly mean by fumble? Means it is nothing other than the extra stuff we can say superfluous stuff about which the people are talking. You need not include that stuff on your podcast episode. It is just a simple recommendation to keep irrelevant content away from your podcast. Just think from the listener’s perspective, they also want to hear something that will help them out in solving their queries. Rather then you can include personal stuff on your podcast if it is pertinent as per your brand and product.

8. Segmentation:

It is advisable to break your podcast into various segments. Specifically, it is good when you want to record a podcast of longer duration says 1 hour or so. If you do segmentation then your audience will properly understand what you want to deliver them. For example, a book has chapters so you can easily understand, otherwise, it would be difficult for you to understand. When you are breaking your podcast into segments you have to take care that your audience understands the link between the podcast episodes.

9. Avert over-editing:

If you want to improve yourself then it is advisable not to do too much editing. Yes, after doing editing you can represent yourself as the best podcaster but you cannot improve yourself. By listening to your podcast you can edit each and every portion which you feel is not correct. Yes, you can do a certain amount of editing. But it is good not to make your podcast perfect. If you do much editing then you make thing harder for yourself. As then you have to do editing in your interviews, and other events as well which do not let you develop as the best podcaster in real.

Wrap Up:  

These tips will help you out in establishing your company as a brand name. You can be a great podcaster if you follow all those recording tips. Hope you enjoy reading this post.



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