Data Encryption – How It Works For Business?

Data encryption
Data encryption is a method of converting electronic data into a jumbled form so that no unauthorized user can access the data. The data will be only readable by a person who knew about the translation of code.

Encryption of a data is very much important in the world of business to prevent confidential data from hackers. It makes an online payment easy and secure. A maximum number of businesses use data encryption to secure their personal data.

Actually encryption comes by the scientific discipline of cryptography, which includes the process of encoding and decoding the message to prevent it from hackers.

The cryptography can be done by replacing some letters with the next alphabet for example instead of writing HELLO you can write IFMMP.

There are two types of encryption programs such as

Single Key

Message sender and receiver both will have access to the same key to encode or decode the message. A single key can be considered as a secret key, private keys, symmetric encryption, etc.

Public Key

Whereas, the public key will have two seperate key ones for encoding and other for decoding messages.

Who utilizes Data Encryption Method?

Data encryption
This method is considered as a very important factor that has made our mobile phones and computer much more secure.

Most commonly it is used for securing business data so that no other user can access their most sensitive and confidential information. Plus if you do not belong to any business person but still you want to secure your private data then you can make use of data encryption software. This software is available for free cost as well as available at a premium cost.

Various computer and mobile phone hackers can result with very serious risk due to which you can lose your complete business data. But the great news is that even tremendous damages are avoidable.

Even if you have no access to the computer or any mobile phones then also you can feel safe because all your content is in a safe hand. Due to the encryption method, an unauthorized person will not be able to read your content.

Encryption is done for laptops and computers, used for external and Thumb drivers, used for mobile phones plus used for internet traffic.

How data encryption actually works?

With the use of ciphers, encryption of data is possible. It is based on the compound mathematical algorithm. This method permits us to translate the human-readable code into a silly character.

The human-readable code will be readable only if you have a specific or a private key to translate it to the original one. The key can be a mixture of alphabets, letters, symbols, numbers, etc. You can compare this key with the WIFI router password it looks the same.

A small example of how encryption works

Suppose you have to send a message “MY WORLD”

You can decode that message by adding +2 to each alphabet so it will be “OA YQTNF”.

This is a simple example of how encoding and decoding can be done. New encryption tools work the same as this but use some complex keys to encode the message and decode it. Some standards algorithms are used to make it possible.

What are the normal situations of data encryption?

You will be able to find lots of examples that how you can hide data with encryption method and how is helpful in the world of the internet. For example, when we send information or any message by any website that is “HTTPS” protocol means our data is saved.

HTTP means hypertext transfer protocol and ‘S’ stands for secure socket layer. In short, HTTPS is one of the best encryption approaches where your complete data is encrypted and send it to a receiver.

Our data are highly secure while sending it through the HTTPS protocol. New advancement is done in this protocol because too many users are using websites to connect with different payment gateways and banks for online transactions.

Some best software programs are listed below that can help you to begin with encrypting the data

  • a. VeraCrypt
  • b. DiskCryptor
  • c. VPN services
  • d. AxCrypt
  • e. HTTPS

If you really looking to hide or encrypt your data files then you should go with the VeraCrypt.

VeraCrypt is an awesome but simple program that is performed in the Cybersecurity industry. This program permits you to encrypt or hide our data with some powerful standards. This program is very simple to use as you just need to download the software from its website. After downloading you need to click on the download button twice to proceed for execution. In the end, click on open.

After the installation, you can disclose the drive where your files are saved. suppose you have stored the file in E drive then you have to select the first E drive then click on the file you are looking to encrypt. And the encryption process will be continued.

You will have an access to the encrypted file with the VeraCrypt portable. You can make use of an encrypted file or edit them whenever you need it. just wait for some time because it can take 2 to 10 minutes to load. Actually loading speed will differ as to how your computer works.

Maximum people, even most of the Cybersecurity industry uses VeraCrypt. Plus ethical hackers prefer to use this program because it has simple to use and easy to implement.

Data Encryption is done for Online privacy and security

Some other tools that are important for encrypting or hiding the data are HTTPS everywhere and VPN services. HTTPS is actually an extension that will make sure that your information is transferred by taking care of security.

If some websites do not use HTTPS protocol they will get a warning with a red mark to check twice before releasing the data.

Many paid and unpaid plugin are available for using VPN services. These also allow us to hide the data or encrypt the data in best possible way through the internet. Not only website but also personal data, credential information are saved within this program.

Even video game are secured if you are using VPN services. Some different VPN services are CyberGhost VPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc.

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