The Ultimate Guide to Properly Display Testimonials on the Website?

display testimonials on the website
People’s opinions actually matter to influence people to buy specific things. But this does not only apply to the people we actually know. As per the survey done by BrightLocal’s, they stated that more than 90% of customers trust reviews available on the internet as compared to personal recommendations.

This is the reason why customers reviews and testimonial plays an integral part when it comes to enhancing the buyer’s experience.

From plenty of options available on the internet, do you what to know the best methods to display testimonials on the website and how you can optimize this type of content? Let us discuss more

1. Advantages of inbuild testimonials
customer testimonials
First of all, understand why testimonial is so crucial for every WordPress website.

Some researches also mentioned that customers will go through at least 10 reviews before taking a decision for buying products or services. Whereas 95% of young buyers and 86% of all consumers will first read customer feedback before purchasing every single product or service.

Adding customers testimonial and reviews on your website will not only help you to boost conversions and enhance consumer trust but also it helps your website to get better search results. Google takes customer reviews as a signal for local search rankings and the site’s relevancy.

Therefore having positive reviews is a must on your website to optimized SEO of your website to get higher rankings.

2. Build consumer feedback page
customer feedback
The very first step to add testimonials on your website is to identify where you will publish that testimonial. You might need to add reviews on your homepage to drive more customer’s attention.

Businesses which offer single service or product should add a testimonial on the homepage so that user can find relevant information for the product they are looking for.

If your business has a number of products and services to sell then it would be good if you publish reviews on the sales page or product page.

The third option would be to create a dedicated page for showcasing only customer reviews and testimonials.

This strategy is widely used by businesses that deal with other business companies.

While adding or publishing reviews on your website there are mainly two focus points.

1st is customer focus
If your main target is to boost sales and enhance business and customer relationships then you should know the importance of a customer-focused approach.

2nd is search engine focus
To enhance your website visibility you use feedback. In this case, you should be known with the important feature by Google that is review schema. This clearly means to get empower for Google snippets you should follow complete guidelines. 4 different types of the schema are offered by Google which includes

* Aggregate rating
* Simple review
* Review with rating
* Embedded review

3. Creating feedback forms
feedback form
The search engine focus and customer focus both are very important. You might be looking to set up the review process in such a way that you can take out valuable customer-focused content from the people who share reviews.

These types of testimonials should be more focused on some subjects that your buyer is more interested in. The quality of the product is the best example of this.

Consider an example that you own a clothing store and you would like your customers to give reviews on the rate the quality of your clothes. Whether the size is perfect fit, whether it looks the same as pictures, and so on.

Some online store also uses different review forms that are sliding scale, star rating, written content, etc.

Suppose you are a service-based company, then you might need to build a form that will give complete feedback including advantages, disadvantages, particular topics, etc.

Some tools offer you to gather comprehensive reviews. One of the best tools that offer reviews is Trustpilot that combines both SEO focused and customer-focused content.

Trustpilot will ask customers about the services and the product they like or dislike. Because Trustpilot is a B2B SaaS product, the question will be asked to the customers to share how the service and products they choose have been impacted by their business and how it helped by solving issues.

If you succeed in gathering more detailed reviews of your customers then it will give more information to your customers along with this it will enhance the presence of your targeted keyword.

In short, this will help you to grow your Google rankings by boosting signal reviews. The main aim of these tools is to be transparent with the customers. You can also ask your customers about what feature they would like to include in existing products or services for future improvements. This will leave a positive impression but also your new customers will feel your testimonials and reviews very honest and real.

It is also impossible to remove or change the reviews that seem to be negative unless you have evidence that they are not fake.

4. Guide to display testimonials on the website
If you are running a WordPress website, you can make a use of review plugin to add reviews.
one of the best plugin to add reviews is

SKT Testimonials
This plugin provides you a shortcode format that can be added to your website anywhere you want. Three different shortcodes are given that help you to design your testimonial in different ways.

Features of SKT Testimonial are
* Very simple and easy to use.
* Color picker options are available to change its color to match your brand.
* Very easy to install and run.

Steps to add the plugin
Go to the WordPress dashboard
Click on plugins
Click on add new
Type SKT testimonial
Install it
Activate it

After installing this plugin you will be able to see all shortcodes. To display testimonials on the website you just need to copy that shortcodes and paste it wherever you want to. This plugin is also provided with the documentation which explain you how to use this plugin. If you are searching for free plugins checkout here best testimonials plugins.

To increase conversion rate and increase search engine ranking the best testimonial plugin is suggested.

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