10 Essential Features Your ‘Contact Us Page’ Should Have

Contact Us Page
In the early days, the website design was kept very simple so that the user can navigate easily to each and every page. We used to apply simple graphics and elements.

In the same way, ‘Contact Us’ was having minimal features and designs. ‘Contact Us’ was integrated with phone number, email address, address and some links to other pages of a website.

But now we style contact us page in different ways, for example, we make use of animations, bold graphics, slider image, maps integration and more.

Furthermore, the ‘Contact Us’ page is a very integral part of a website. Therefore its the reason why the contact us page still exists on every website.

A proper formatted ‘Contact Us’ page will assist your user to ask any question and solve their questions without searching the answers on the website.

Actually these features help you to enhance the searching experience of your website. It may be quiet difficult and time consuming for you to design a perfect and engaging contact us page.

Some people still verify the contact us page working properly or not with the old trial and error method with the analytics tools.

One of the tools is Crazy Egg that will allow you to keep track of users behavior. Specially Saas companies use such tools to keep an eye on Saas customers and their behavior on the website.

They make sure to create an effective contact us page to grab the potential or targeted customers.

Some essential Contact Us page features

1. Make a contact page easy so that user can reach you easily

You might be seen that most of the contact pages are included with the customer support and the link is provided in the footer area. Too many applications are included in the website’s header and footer.

Therefore customers get confused that exact which link is provided for contacting. Contact us link on the header is considered to be an effective place to get noticed.

Additionally, the link on the footer is considered to be more useful because everyone knows we will get the contact us link in the footer section for sure.

Therefore you should decide where to place the contact us link. The decision should be taken as per the size of the homepage.

2. Make the use of normal language

Different websites have a different name for the contact us page. Most commonly 3 words are mentioned such as ‘support‘, ‘contact us‘ and ‘help‘. If you have ever noticed that Squarespace uses all the names i.e. “help & support” as well as “contact us”.

Whereas Mixpanel uses a Support page link with the documentation which behaves as a navigation link.

Moreover, salesforce uses phone numbers in the header area to get easy navigation and connect with the users directly. Therefore this is the essential Contact Us page features.

3. Improve your contact page

Many customers look forward to assistance and guidance because they must be frustrated or stressed because of some doubts.

Suppose you have given access to them to contact you via email id or a text chat, at this time your customer may feel like they are not important for you. Some researches have proved that human brain trust on the human faces to enhance the cooperative environment.

Campaign Monitor and Zapier displays the image of real customer support to feel like your customer is important. You can make use of illustrations to create some fun.


4. Create a page as per the current situation

To create a contact us page there is no standards design specified because each website has a piece of different information. To resolve this situation most of the websites use the “adaptive” contact us page.

This page consists of some unique customer issues and requests. If you check the Zapier page they first ask to filter their request then ask to submit the form with their main issues. This is another essential Contact Us page features.

5. Combine more contact option

It is a good thought to integrate all your options in a single location. Whether your customer needs your email address to elaborate on their issues or contact number to explain the problem verbally they will find all contact details on one page.

Some website pages are linked to the FAQ page i.e frequently asked questions. Hence most of the customer feels FAQ helpful.

6. Create a design that will divert your customer towards the targeted page

Each customer has some common questions like what the website offers and who they are. For example, if any customer wants to reset the password then he or she can directly follow the instruction in the documentation instead of waiting for an email reply including the same instructions.

Therefore you should create a community forum that will divert your customers to the user documentation.

7. Build a design for incoming questions

Customer team and support teamwork for solving queries sent to the contact page. Creating and sending standards replied before any conversation is considered to be valuable but if the question asked by the customer is not clear and the support team is unable to provide a solution then you can make use of standards replies.

8. Set Response time

For a long time waiting for a team, a response is a very tough part of a website. Therefore you should provide real-time support and an idea that how much time required to answer the customer queries. Hence, they will move forward with another task instead of wasting time in waiting.

9. Add some useful fields to contact page

Even if you have added all contact details to the contact page don’t forget to add a contact form to the contact page. Contact form will avail your users to send a brief of their problems plus they will be able to attach useful documents. Somehow contact form helps you to secure unwanted comments from spammers.

10. Add a feedback option

Adding a feedback option is a essential Contact Us page features. You should allow your users to leave their comments or a review. They will be able to share their experiences. They will feel overwhelmed.

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