Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix for Your Website

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix for Your Website
Some Important Reasons Not to Use Wix are listed below. This blog will help you to understand WIX.

What is WIX?

Wix is a Page Builder that is used to build a website. This follows completely different steps. Wix is also a website builder but not a CMS. Nowadays many users default choice is CMS rather than Wix.

Because it allows you to create, organize; publish the content by your own. In which Wix website do not includes this feature. This is the main reasons not to use Wix.

If you want to use the Wix, the hosting provider will be Wix only. You cannot use other than Wix hosting provider. This means the website is not yours.

Some one other owns your website but not you, whereas different CMS provides option to choose the hosting provider by your choice.

There are n number of best-hosting providers than Wix which are best as compared to the cost, features, and opportunities; you can choose any of them.

Disadvantages of using WIX:

Limited Themes and Functionality
Wix has limited functionality plus you will see that Wix provides limited templates. But Other CMS provides n number of templates for each business.

If you are using a unpaid Wix template. Then the starter plan doesn’t remove ads from your site.

Wix provides a website that can be created without paying an amount, But Wix promotes there website and plan by using your website.

You can make a website for free but the ads from Wix will not get removed until you pay some amount to the Wix website.

If you pay the amount that is required for the space you need then also Wix doesn’t provide an unlimited storage plan. So there are not unlimited plans.

If you have a basic plan you will not able to access the features like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. To get additional features from apps market. you’ll need to upgrade to your basic plan to premium plans.

Drag and Drop functionality restrict your design and creativity

While using other tools you need to just drag the element and drop it where you need and your element will get started working but this feature does not work in Wix.

They provide some drag and drop features but not for all, they have some limitation. That will restrict your design and creativity. Wix lacks promotion features and integration.

The Plugins Store on the Wix platform does not offer Plugins

If you want to add new functionality to your Wix website it is pleasing easy to do with the Plugins store that Wix offered. But most of the Plugins the Wix provide are not true plugins.

SEO is the biggest disadvantage of using Wix

SEO can be the biggest reasons not to use Wix because If you are using Wix for SEO then it is good for small scale business but if you are using Wix for large scale business your business will definitely gowns down.

SEO features play an important role in any business, as Google crawls the website when you are making some updates and changes, which helps to rank the website on other search engines.

Restrict from changing the HTML and CSS

Wix platform restricts you to use HTML and CSS means you will not be able to change the CSS and HTML structure of your website.

CSS plays an important role while creating a website because CSS is the reason for modern design.

Unable to change URL of blogs

You will not able to change the URL of your blog on your own. Whereas other CMS provides this functionality.

Wix templates cannot be changed unless you rebuild the website. You lose the information immediately and you will not able to create a backup for the same. You don’t have access to coding the theme.

This is the biggest disadvantage that once you have selected a template, you will not able to change it. You will able to modify it and customize it according to your requirement by using built-in tools, but will not able to switch to another templates.

While using Wix you will not able to use a custom domain name for your site, for examples if your website is about cafe then the URL will be means

Wix does not provide the feature that other CMS provides

If you are using Wix you will not able to export the files or your data. You will need to copy and paste the data from one site to another manually. If you want to start an eCommerce store I personally suggest not to use it.

Features like website design responsive, website optimized for SEO, Social Media Sharing features, Multilingual functionality are not provided by the Wix.

Before you choose any of the tools to create website please check some points that are listed below
• Pricing
• Integrations
• Page speed
• Mobile-friendliness and UX
• Customer support
• Ease of use
• SEO tools
• Other features

Wix provides an average number of features that are listed above.

According to the above-listed points, Wix websites shows that it is good for a start-up company but not use-full for an advanced user that has a huge business strategy because this website does not provide more customization to make changes as per user need.

Wix is not an open-source platform. Which means it is not easy to use because you will need prior permission to make the changes on the website.

As per my past experience, I will suggest you not to use Wix website, rather than use some other tools for building the website. This is the main reasons not to use Wix website.

For more guidelines please check our past article “Why CMS is Now the Default Approach for New Websites”. This will definitely help you that you and your business deserve.

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