7 Important Must have Pages Every WordPress Website

must have pages WordPress website
The most popular hosting platform and content management system is considered to WordPress nowadays in the world. It has been noticed that more than 33% of websites are created on WordPress. And the market share of WordPress is almost more than 60%.

WordPress is preferred by most of the customers because it offers so many services and features that customers find it more helpful and captivating for their business. You might be aware of how to set up a WordPress website with the help of the easiest WordPress theme available at WP themes India.

Furthermore, there are some more essential aspects that should be considered while designing a website to make it more appealing and effective. The most important that affects your website is its pages.

Doesn’t matter if you are creating a website for a blog or an eCommerce store, the pages we will list it out must be added to your website.

The major reasons for having such pages are customer service, legal factors, support, and more. The list of must have pages WordPress website are

About Us Page
About us page, the page is a self-explanatory page where you need to add detailed information about yourself or about your company. About us, the page is one of the must have pages WordPress website that every business website should have.

If you are a blogger or selling a brand it is important to add relevant information to tell a story to your audiences. You can add information about people who are working with you or who helped you while setting your business.

The main content that about us page should reflect is who are you, core value, what you do, your goal, promises, and other relative information.

Contact Page
contact us
The contact us page is provided so that your customers can contact you whenever they need help. The information contact information should be provided on this page such as email, phone number, map direction, location, social media pages, etc. you can also add a contact form so that your customers can leave valuable comments on your website.

To experience your services, people might need some more additional information; they might be having doubts and queries regarding your products and services. The best way to serve them with the answer to their question is by creating contact page.

Disclaimer Page
This page is especially for a blogger who are looking to get started money from their hobby such as dancing blogs, music blog, lifestyle blog, health, and fitness blog, etc.

Most of the bloggers generate revenue from their blog this is the reason must have pages WordPress website for blogger is Disclaimer Page.

If you are promoting your products or services on your blog via affiliate marketing make sure to add this page. By doing this you can tell your customers that you are monetizing through your website.

Privacy Policy Page
Many companies owners gather information about their users, customers and website visitors. There are so many WordPress tools and plugins that do this process via website cookies.

This is the reason your website needs a privacy page. You can see some templates from the web where you will find which type of information is added on the privacy policy page.

This is actually designed to know your customers that the content you have added is unique and authenticated. Therefore make sure that your privacy policy page is updated and designed properly to look more professional and trustworthy.

Products and Services Page
Another must-have page WordPress website is the Products and Services page. If you are creating a website for eCommerce stores without using WordPress plugins or tools this page will help your customers to buy any product or experience any services seamlessly.

They will be able to browse products very easily thus they can navigate from one page to another without any problem.

FAQ Page
The FAQ page is a question and answer page which is specially created for your customers so that they can view question and answers that are frequently asked.

The FAQ page can be known as a self-service page. Different information can be added to this page depending upon your business niche.

For example, if your website is all about selling product then the FAQ page should contain information like payment methods, order fulfillment, policies, shipping cost, time of delivery, weekend delivery, and so on.

Whereas if you have created a blog then the FAQ page should consist of information such as term and condition, detailed on topics, posts, copyrights, trademark policies, etc.

Write for Us Page
When content is involved many bloggers support new bloggers. Blogging is important to get high results on search engines you can accept guest posting where other people will write for your blog to increase SEO.

Link building is also part of blogging and SEO activity. You should surely add write for us page to allow bloggers or freelancers to add or submit articles on your blogs.

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