PhotoPress Plugin Seeks to Revolutionize Photography for WordPress Users

PhotoPress Plugin

A month ago Peter Adam announced that “its time for PhotoPress”. Peter Adam is the owner of the PhotoPress plugin. He was trying hard to provide a solution and fulfill the needs or photographer by handling and manipulating WordPress.

JetPack of Photography Plugins

If you check the history of the PhotoPress which is available at you will find that it has a 15-year history. Although PhotoPress is not the same plugin that was discovered by various developer half or years old before.

Till now WordPress community has given their best efforts to deliver different media features over years. Although there are also some facts that something, some features were missing on it.

Thus we can say that this was the main reason why photographer’s first choice was never WordPress to publish their impressive and good-looking work portfolio, add their image catalog, display photo projects, archive online, etc.

Adam listed the top 10 problems that needed to tackle in the “jetpack-like” plugin which was used by photographers. Adam previously planned to create PhotoPress as a sequence of variant plugin that will solve particular problems. But now it is a single plugin that comes with different modules that can be disabled or enabled as per choice.

According to Adam, it was the right time to launch PhotoPress Plugin because the Gutenberg block editor has bounce forward in user-friendliness in-sense of building photography blogs.

By considering the fact that photographers belong to a complete non-technical field but having high design sense, they get access to a platform where they do not need to learn about custom CSS and shortcode syntax because Gutenberg block has been provided with simple controls to handle it.

One can say that Gutenberg is changing the rule of games that makes people more comfy while customizing and personalizing things on photography websites such as gallery styling. And gallery styling is the most important thing that every photographer does.

Custom PhotoPress gallery block is the basic section of the PhotoPress plugin. It permits customers to select amongst variants of gallery styles for example mosaic, columns, justified, masonry. When clicked once on images, it can be work as a slideshow.

Future of PhotoPress
Still, some advancement is going on PhotoPress to make it more powerful. From the phrase four plan, it’s still in phase 1. Once it is done it would proceed to another phrase.

Phase 2 is all about creating and designing themes that will work seamlessly with the PhotoPress plugin. The 2nd phrase has 3 different plans. 1st one is for a portfolio website, 2nd is for developing a stock photo archive and 3rd plan is creating for exhibits and photojournalism.

In phase 2 the themes will be for commercial products. At the end of this year, you can hope to get this phrase in progression.

Phrase 3 and phase 4 will begin in 2021. It would be website-as-a-service i.e. (WaaS) that will be the same as but it would be only for photographers.

This project will be based on paid one but some options will also be provided for students and photographers too. And the main phrase will be to create an onboarding system.

About free PhotoPress plugin
PhotoPress is the perfect suit for gallery presentation and image management feature that is required by photographers to create an impressive and attractive photography website. With the help of this plugin, one can develop good-looking image galleries along with this they can extract, publish, and store any XMP/EXIF/IPTC meta-data implanted in your images.

The main aim of Peter Adams was to provide a plugin for photographers to make WordPress handy in nature. He tried to add critical image management and feature of presentation all together. This plugin is modern, single, and available at free of cost.

The core features of PhotoPress are

* Justified style
* Masonry style
* Mosaic style
* Grid style
* Native Gutenberg live to edit
* Link to PhotoPress slideshow
* Hide captions option
* Inline image reordering
* Dynamic responsive images
* Adjustable image columns widths. heights
* Cropping option
* Adjustable gutter spacing
* Showcase EXIF widget
* Create “child taxonomies”
* Exact “child taxonomies”
* Add licensing info
* Generate image taxonomy terms widgets
* Two caption layout
* Thumbnail navigation option

Different extensions of the PhotoPress plugin are

PhotoPress Image Taxonomies, : From uploaded images, this plugin will withdraw a complete range of IPTC, XMP, EXIF metadata. That can be used in settling a different photo-specific WordPress taxonomy that includes country, keywords, city, people, lens, state, and camera.

PhotoPress Gallery : By adding this plugin to your website it will add different features to the core gallery shortcode. Also, it can be added to develop a gallery that contains featured images of any posts and pages.

PhotoPress Paypal Shopping Cart : With this plugin, you can add shopping cart functionality to any specific images.

PhotoPress Masonry Gallery : With this plugin, you can add masonry-style to your image gallery.

PhotoPress Sideways Gallery : With this plugin, you can showcase a theme separate gallery of images by using a sideways scrolling slider style.

PhotoPress Latest Images : By integrating this plugin a shortcode will be added that can be used within posts and pages to showcase gallery of newly uploaded images.

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