10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Website Builder

reasons to use website builder
When you decide to create online presence for your business then the first thing strikes is that your brand’s website. It has been noticed that more than 1.7 billion websites are present on the internet. And this is the huge number that cannot be neglected. The competition is getting increasing day by day and it’s becoming more alluring.

This is the fact that every business needs a website to promote your market their services and products in a professional way. However the most unique problem that every person face is for finding an accurate professional developer that can convert their dream into reality but this process is a time consuming at the same time it requires lots of funds for making the project successful.

Remember one thing that the process of website creation should never by bullying and threading. Whereas a person should feel comfortable while creating website so that they should complete a website building task quicker. More so, WordPress community has come up with website builder that will make customization process easier and quicker.

What do you mean by website builder?

Website builder is a WordPress tool that helps you to create a eye catching and alluring website with all functionality that you look for. The main reasons to use website builder is because you don’t need to have a technical expertise to build professional website. The only skill you would require is a basic knowledge of how to use this tool.

Rather than creating a website from scratch you can use page builder with pre existing features to develop functionality website. There are so many website builders available for different purpose. Variant of site builder are created for startups, freelancer, small business, individuals, photographs and more.

Reasons to use website builder

The reasons to use website builder is to create a website without any hassle and to save your precious time but the main reason of using this tool? Some important reasons are given below.

1. Faster development process

While building an online business for your business, if you not able to create a reliable platform for your visitors, you will not gain huge audiences and hence you will get loss in generating revenue. If you are not able to known to this fact that means you failed to track your visitors and their behavior.

If you have not created website for your business yet then you are not following the latest trend. You are allowing your customers to let go to your competitor’s website. This is the one most important reasons to use website builder.

With the help of website builder, the development and customization process of a website will be easier. You would not need to consume weeks or months. Instead you can setup complete website with page builder within few days. It is also possible to setup website in a single day.

2. Save your money

If you have enough time and budget for hiring professional then you can but what if you don’t have sufficient amount and time to create a professional website. In this situation you can’t take a risk then hiring a professional will not work for you because for n number of functionality you will be charge higher. So this is the most considerable factor that needs to be focus.

So, you will find many website builders that are available at free of cost. It will not even charge you a single dollar. For basic website free version of page builder will work for you but to have some extra functionality you need to download paid page builder and this will charge hardly $5 to $40 which is affordable by every small business correct?

3. Live your dream

Reasons to use website builder is that while creating a website you can choose how your website should look and feel, you will have countless options whereas if you hire any expert they will create a website as per their choice. They will not allow you to choose design.

Along with the website builder you will get access to more than 30,000 WordPress plugin (Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Blog) by which you can take your website look and feel to the next level. From colors to styling and other elements can be painted by your own.

4. No need to code

Coding was the biggest problem that can bear a non technical person. The process of learning code and to execute it after so many trials can consume so much of time. And because the competition is rising day by day you can’t waste a single minute on useless things. Thus you need a solution that will help you to quickly setup website. And this is another reasons to use website builder.

If you are trying to create a website without page builder then you will have to take number of hours from your schedule. If not then try page builder.

5. Pre designed templates

While creating a website you have to make sure you are creating a positive user experience. So create a website with best practices. With prebuilt template you can setup the website without wasting time. The templates offered are well designed by developer and designer. The templates are created with proper guidelines.

6. Lots of customization option

As you would not want a website that looks same as your competitors. So you need to create a website little different from others. With page builder you will be able to use template that has unique features and functionality. Even if you are using same template then also you will have lots of customization options.

You will have an access from formatting, backgrounds, fonts and many other elements. From countless option. Different elements can be added to different maps, buttons, shapes, pages; social media share buttons and more. Unique website can be created without any efforts.

7. Easy to apply changes

Once you have created website you have to update it regularly. You can alter some little thing or you need to add some more useful information to it.

If you have a small business, it will be impossible to make such changes. In such problem website builder will help you out because with page builder quick information can be provided from your team and they will be able to perform customization. Thus you website will be able to target maximum users because you are able to provide accurate information that they need.

8. Mobile friendly

Optimize your eCommerce business for mobile access
While building an age builder a develop make sure that the changes you applied will look responsive on every mobile devices. And this is another reasons to use website builder.

9. Additional plugins and features

To make your website reachable to every customer it is important to add some extra features to it. Thus you can add social media accounts, Google map, social media share button, etc. you can add these elements through drag and drop page builder or any editor. The task of adding social media buttons to your website is very easy with page builder.

10. Create eCommerce friendly website

With website builder you can create eCommerce based website very easily. To make your make online store you need to add payment gateways, security layers, shopping carts and more. With proper right builder these all task become easier.

Website is the best source for getting revenue and so much of benefits. So if you have not created a website yet then use page builder to create website effectively.

Deepika Sharma

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