6 Signs That It’s Time For A New Website

Time For A New Website

Have you remembered when you have appraised your website performance? It is necessary to check website performance at regular intervals. It gives you an idea about you need to update your website or not.

According to Orbit Media average, lifespan of a website is two years, seven months. If you want to design new website for your company then responsive WordPress themes are the best solution.

Responsive WordPress themes can help you to design your responsive website. Here in this post, we will discuss some of the signs to redesign your website. So, here we go.

1. You are bashful at how antiquated the design is:

This is a situation when you do not want your customers to see your website. But, you can not fully restrict them. The website is the first impression when anyone searches about your company.

Just consider, your website is outdated and someones visits your website. They will have a bad impression on them about your company. Either any of the two situations fits perfect for you?

It was designed by a panel:

Sometimes the result of getting designed your website by a committee is not good. It is better to get designed your website from an experienced professional or a freelancer.

The website was designed before your joining:

You have modified the design of the existing website by doing some small modifications. But now this outdated design of your company’s website has made your task stiffer.

You can also redesign your website with the help of responsive WordPress themes.

2. It is time-consuming to update your website so you are avoiding it:

Your company’s website is much large and consisting of much code that it is tumult to update it. That is the reason, you are neglecting to update your website. It might be the plausibility that you face some of the situations as mentioned.

You have forgotten the password:

A long time has passed building your website and no one in your staff even knows the password. Even you do not remember who has built your website.

You do not have any idea how to update it:

At the time of developing your website, it was told to you that it is convenient to update. But now when you actually want to upgrade your website by yourself, it is not an easy task.

You have to call a developer to get your updated website:

You are wishful to update your website by yourself rather than to rely on a developer or a company. But, you have to submit a web ticket for getting update your website. And, except this, you have to wait long to get your tweaked website. Also, you have to pay a large amount for that small changes.

Time For A New Website

3. Your website is an exalt business card:

If you have designed your website for the purpose of providing contact information. Then, it is much needed to amend this strategy.

According to Google,”B2B customers are already 57% of the way through the buying process from online research before they even engage with someone from a company”.

So, it is a necessity that your website must be up to date and provides a modern look and feel to the viewers.

An appealing website is one of the best ways to inflate consumer rate optimization. A customer decides whether or not they want to buy products just based on your website.

When you represent your website as a business card then you forget to mention a vital fact. And, the fact is, “why should they buy from you”. So, it is obligatory to keep an eye on your website’s appearance and performance.

4. Your website is grasped by duct tape of plugins:

Plugins are best to enhance your website performance. There are a variety of plugins made available. Plugins are used to add ancillary functionality to your website. But everything has its pros and cons.

Same is with plugins also. If you made your website bombarded with various plugins then it will load slow. When you install even a single plugin in your website then also it results in breaking of your website.

You can add as many plugins as per your requirement. But along with that, you have to consider your website affability with various plugins. You have to keep only those plugins which are much required to keep your website performance good.

Having a bunch of plugins in your website will result in conflict among them as well. You can also design your website with responsive WordPress themes which provides compatibility with various plugins. It also provides much functionality and your website will look more professional and aesthetic.

5. Your website does not work in mobile:

These days it is necessary to have a responsive website. According to various reports, the ratio of people who are using mobile for web browsing is more.

In 2018 till now, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones (Statista). So, by having a responsive website you can attract more traffic to your website.

There are some search engines also which penalize websites who are not mobile-friendly. One example is Google.

It becomes a necessity to have a responsive website. It is good for website owners as well as convenience for visitors also.

6. You have to direct people where to find things on your website:

If it is difficult for your website visitors to find content on your website then you surely need to change your website. If you have to tell your customers about the different things which are presented on your website.

Then, obviously, your website is not doing its job properly. If you need telecaller who are continuously telling your potential customers about how to find certain things on your website.

Then, your website is not giving you a profit but in turn, it costs you more money. You have to hire telecallers and calling every customer which are additional expenses.

We have listed here signs that why you need a new website. You can update your website or you can design your website from scratch.

If you want to design your website then it is advisable to use responsive WordPress themes. They are the best solution as per the modern technological era. Hope you like reading this article.

Deepika Sharma

Writer and WordPress blogger at SKT Themes. Handling content partnerships, doing outreach, and making sure sktthemes.in is up to date.