How To Select The Right WordPress Theme For Your Website

Select The Right WordPress Theme

It is much difficult for website designers who are newbies to web design to select right web theme. Even, sometimes it is difficult for experts to select the right WordPress theme for website designing. Here, I have amassed some of the vital things which you have to keep in mind while selecting a WordPress theme.

1. Make a list of requirements:

Before beginning your quest for an elegant WordPress theme, it’s better to make a list of whatever your needs. That is what are the most vital facets which you want on your website. It is the best way to select the right WordPress theme. You can ask yourself some questions which are listed below.

A. What type of website you want?
B. Do you want that blog will be included in your website?
C. What is the aspiration of your website?
D. Which type of customization do you require on your website?
E. What do you want your future website to be best known for?

2. Select a theme that akin to your content:

Your website should be up to date as per your visitors notion. Whichever theme you will select should make your customers available with the impeccable elements and eye-catching visuals, fulfills their notion.

Consider, if you are a photographer then your centerpiece will be glittering pictures. If you are a blogger then your focus will be on writing.

3. Simplicity is best:

If you select simple and neat design, then you are able to represent your content in an uncluttered manner. Vice versa if you select a convoluted theme then it will not be appealing for your visitors.

Its better to select a minimalist theme it will keep users hook up with your website for a long. In simple themes, people can focus on the main thing which is “content” of your website.

Select The Right WordPress Theme

4. Color selection is crucial:

Selection of right color is much important. As it can make or break your website. Colors play an important role in changing our mood. Just imagine a website with a gaudy look and bright colors.

It will be so disappointing, am I right? Instead of this, consider a website with mild colors, it will give an eye-soothing look to your website.

So, always keep in mind while selecting a theme that it will provide you with many color options. Hence, you can change color as per your choice.

5. Vital aspect – Future readiness:

It is no doubt that with the passage of time you come up with new needs and requirements. So, this aspect is one of the key factors to select right WordPress themes. The theme you select will be proficient enough to fulfill all your future needs.

It is a plausibility that there is a function which you not need currently. But, in the near future you may need it. Your theme should not be obsolete very soon, it will be impeccable to adapt to future needs.

6. Better to go for Lightweight themes:

These days you are made available with a variety of themes. But some are feature-heavy themes and some are light-weight themes. It is always best to go for lightweight themes.

As it takes less time in loading as compare to heavy-featured themes. Fast loading speed website will augment user experience noticeably. You are also aware of a fact that visitors will bounce off to any other website.

In cases where the website they have requested for loads slower. Fast loading websites will also affect conversion rates and traffic rate of your website.

7. Responsive design:

Nowadays, a majority of people prefer to use mobile for browsing the web. So, it is must that your website be responsive. According to some surveys it is found that the ratio of people who are using mobile for browsing is increasing.

It not only enhance user experience but also improves search rankings of your website. Therefore, it is recommended to select responsive themes to design your website.

8. SEO friendly design:

Almost all the themes of WordPress are SEO friendly. If you want good search results of your website then adopting a SEO friendly WordPress theme is necessary.

If you designed a website with a theme which is not SEO friendly then all your backbreaking work will fritter. To maintain your existence in this creaky competition, top rankings are prerequisite for any website. So, it is always preferable to opt for SEO friendly theme.

9. Cost of the theme:

Almost everyone is aware of the fact, there are two types of themes provided by WordPress. One is premium(paid themes) and another is free themes. Premium themes are provided with various customization options and updates.

Support is also provided by the developers if you buy premium themes. But, with free themes, you do not get all the latest features and you can customize it to a limit.

One advantage of free themes is that you need not pay anything. But I would suggest opting for premium themes as it will be more beneficial. As with premium themes you get a variety of features bundled up with it.

10. WordPress real power – Plugins:

Plugins play an important role in WordPress websites. We can also say that WordPress websites are nothing without plugins. With the use of must have WordPress plugins you can add various features and functionality to your WordPress website.

You can make your website more impeccable in each aspects with the installation of various plugins. For example, you can use SEO plugins to improve search rankings, cache plugins to make your website speed faster etc.

So, your theme must support obligatory plugins which are necessary for website good performance.

11. It’s best to have support:

It is plausible that while designing your website you may be mayhem. So, it will be great if your theme developer is providing you support.

If you are facing qualm then instead of solving things on your own you can contact your theme developer and can get your doubts solved. Most of the theme developers provided 24/7 support.

But, in most cases support is not provided for free themes. So, if you want to select the right WordPress theme then you have to keep in mind to buy premium theme. And, along with support is also provided.

Wrap Up:
If you keep all these above mentioned things in mind then you can select the right WordPress theme. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Deepika Sharma

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