How Using Correct Fonts On Your Website Increases User Attention

Using Correct Fonts
Bills Gates had said some very logical statement that “Content is a king“. And yes this statement is true. When we say about the customer or user experience the content should be much readable and conviction.

The whole scenarios are about the typography and user experience so that visitors can understand the main motto of your content. Your content should make some sense.

So how your content will be readable by the right people? However, you can find lots of tools and plugins that are available online that will help you to achieve your goal. Tools like SEO, sidebars, toolbar, navigation, social media platforms, etc.

These tools are very much important. For example, fonts are very much helpful to display your plain text content in an attractive way. In short, the fonts leave the charm on your content.

This is because typography is a very crucial part of designing. Plus it helps your content to appeal more. Therefore it is very important to select correct fonts for communication with your users and brand. Hence this will help you to enhance user experience.

Compare fonts with your outfits for the different events

If you are planning to go to a disco party obviously you will choose some fancy dresses instead of a regular suit. In additionally if you are going to a gym you will choose sweats and skin-tight clothes correct?

That is what we were trying to explain that what you have wear will talk about your personality, age, style, and will pretend who you are.

The font you use for writing a content pretends the same meaning. Fonts describe you, your business stuff and your website. Fancy fonts can be used when you are trying to creating a website that will be helpful for youngster or teenager else normal and simple fonts can be used for an old age person.

The main goal of using font is to appeal to your thoughts. Therefore it is very important to use fonts that are suitable for your business.

If you are thinking that you can use fonts randomly then this will be going to a totally wrong strategy.

Fonts are the only reason that setup a correct tone and voice for your business product or services
The fonts that you select for your website perform a major role that will appeal to your thoughts and emotions for your customers. The most commonly used fonts for business purposes are Arial while some others are Comic Sans that are user-friendly.

Make use of correct font size

correct font size

You have to use fonts size according to your audiences. For example, if your website visitors are old age person then try to use large fonts instead of small size fonts. Same as if your targeted audiences are young generation then make use of only normal size fonts.

It has been noticed that most of the old age visitors continuously complain about the small fonts and low contrast. Therefore if you want your fonts and website should be readable and accessible than making use of high contrast with large fonts size. The font style and its size should convey meaning and the voice behind publishing it.

Font type will make your visitor comfort while reading the text

Some researches were done by the technical giants Google and IBM, and they said that the user feels comfortable to read the Georgia (font style) text 8% faster than the Helvetica font. Therefore while writing a content think and select a correct fonts that will enhance your text readability and accessibility.

Fonts style plays an important role when it comes to diver user attention. The product or a website that has a text gives more meaning. Therefore whenever you are writing content at that time think twice about the typography. We are not suggesting you to only focus on any single font style but choose typography as per your customer preference.

You should try some other fonts too but always check the readability and user experience before finalizing them as a permanent one.

Fonts can be effective and weighty

Many pieces of research have been proved how fonts play an important role in forming user experience and user opinion for the topic given. Users much focus on the content that is clear and easy to read. Plus they prefer a website to stay for a longer time that is easy to understand. The good fonts can be appealing and attractive but in the same way, the combination of bad fonts can be irritating and boring. Hence customers will stay on your website or not demand the impact that fonts are leaving.

Select correct fonts color

It is not sufficient if you are thinking to use bright dont color on the dark background. Because this font will be only visible if your users are accessing your website indoors and hence the fonts will not appear properly if viewing it in the sunlight or bright light. Therefore proper use of font, color, and type says about the user’s attention.


With unlimited font type option, you should always choose a normal fonts style, color, so that it will look simple but elegant. As stated that minimal design can give more meaning. This is a masterpiece that will make a huge difference in your website designs. In short, choosing a correct fonts is a small and timeless task but it can result from you with lots of user interaction and a positive impact on your services and products.

The best news is that you never need a professional background to choose a proper dont size or color. You just have to follow some instructions that are mentioned above. This blog will really help you to enhance the user interface and readability.

There are some most important facts that why we should use correct fonts on the website to enhance the brand visibility and readability we will discuss this in our next post. But you can comment on us with your thoughts that why you think that fonts are very important?

Deepika Sharma

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