How to Improve WordPress RSS Feed for Maximum Efficiency

Improve Your WordPress RSS Feed

An RSS feed creates machine-readable data and displays it to the end user in a convenient format. RSS Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication serves the purpose of delivering frequently changing content to a diverse audience. These options allow the users visiting your site to view your content whenever they wish to. Let us take a look at how

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5 Steps to Manually Restore a WordPress Website From a Backup

If you deals with the websites then you must backup your website files regularly. Still many of the developers do not realize the importance of regular website backup until they face difficulties in handling a broken website. A broken website can be recovered only if you have a backup of that files. Else you can’t recover it. You will have

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Representing 7 Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Portfolio Website

You have designed your elegant portfolio website from one of the best Portfolio WordPress themes. But have you ever think that “Is designing your website enough”? The answer to this question is “it is absolutely not sufficient only to design your website”. As until and unless people are not aware of your existence then all your hard work goes into

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How to Translate Your WordPress Theme Using Loco Translate

Loco Translate

Using the WordPress has become very common, most of the websites owners want to keep adding functionalities to the website. The WordPress is known to be a great source for creating the website and then for keeping the website functional and updated. The problems arise for people who are non-English speakers to use the platform. The platform is designed using

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How to Create Multilingual Websites with WordPress


With the increasing business opportunities and the internet world becoming one huge platform many sites feel the need for language translations. There are certain things or certain products that make an appeal to the visitors only when they are presented in a language which is their own. Now the risk of doing this is losing the meaning in the process.

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Effective Ways of Designing a Fitness Website

The effectiveness of a fitness website is gauged through the market it creates and the way it motivates visitors to embark on a fitness journey. When it comes to motivation for living a lean and fit life, it does not require an occasion or a New Year resolution to start beating this track. Fitness is for all and you can

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Tips to Choose Right WordPress Development Company

WordPress Development Company in India

The businesses which are creating a website have a lot of important decision to make. With the WordPress themes and plugins available in the WordPress, The finalizing of the WordPress Development Companies are the most critical and crucial decision that they make that will help your business to grow. The small and medium-sized business, in particular, finds it really important

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The Best Tips To Creating Evergreen Content For Your Blog

The content on your blog should be evergreen content. What do you mean by evergreen content? Evergreen content means fresh content that is easily readable by your customers and blog visitor. Plus the evergreen content is also stated as updated content. Why you should always write evergreen content? Evergreen content is the best way towards success and it helps to

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How to Defer Parsing of JavaScript in WordPress

Page speed is a very important aspect for best website performance. Page speed is measured as a total number of time taken by a browser for website rendering. Faster loading websites will always make your visitors stay for a longer time on the website. The rank on search engine results is also determined by page speed. Therefore it is very

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77+ Popular Responsive free WordPress Themes 2024 (Download Any or ALL)

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is a popular and flexible content management system (CMS) used by millions of websites worldwide. WordPress themes are ready-made templates that control how a WordPress website looks and feels, shaping its visual style and user experience. However, finding high-quality free WordPress themes may be difficult. We carefully compared and selected the best WordPress themes and templates from our collection

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How Can I Make My Business Website Better?

Creating a website for a business is not only a good strategy for marketing your services and products but also it is considered as a tool that produces businesses. For an online business, the websites are considered to be the heart of their businesses because owners can handle the website and can operate it to performing their tasks to get

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10 Best Outline Fonts to Give Your Design an Edge

An outline font means the number or an alphabet that has an outline with no fill inside it. These type of fonts are created to make your content attractive. It is mostly used to highlight the headlines or titles. Many stationery designs such as business card, office suppliers letterhead, and logos also utilizes the benefits of outline fonts. The outline

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