How Will You Develop WordPress Forms for Dropbox Uploads?

When you are planning to create Dropbox upload forms for your WordPress site, often a question arises regarding shortage of storage. For a job portal or an interactive WordPress site that requires users to upload forms, files, or contents, Dropbox can be the smoothest option for all the storage. Dropbox provides an amazing service for sharing and uploading files and poses as your secondary storage location. It is relatively cheaper to maintain all the media libraries and folders via Dropbox. So, this article will show you how it’s easier to manage storage using Dropbox. But prior to that, you need to know about upload forms to create Dropbox Upload Forms in WordPress. What are the upload forms? Forms denote a

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The Beginner’s Guide to Structured Data

Few years ago, SEO experts started spreading the information about structured data. Most popular search engines such as Yandex, Google, Bing, and Yahoo have contributed their efforts to build some standards elements. These standards elements are called Schema Markup that is used for indexing the website in different search engines to get desired results. Most of the people are still unaware of structured data. Even they don't know how to use these elements for enhancing results in search engines. Therefore, this article is prepared for you to guide to Structured Data and how you can use these elements for enhancing results in search engines with the help of search engine optimization techniques. What do you mean by structured data? Structured

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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Whether you have just started a online business to show presence in the internet, you must be thinking about improving your brand to get a unique identity. You have a website for your promoting your business services or project but you are not happy with its functionality and design. Hence you are unable to get extra revenue. WordPress Introduction Did you hear about the word “WordPress”? Did you wonder, what is WordPress? In simple WordPress is a platform where you can create a website or a blog on your own. It provides greater functionality to customize the website very easily. Millions of people are using WordPress for branding their business products or services. Some of the top listed companies are

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Best Practices for Designing a Website Search

Suppose your website have too much information to read, your customer will feel confused and irritated as they will not be able to search a piece of specific information. In this situation, the search button plays an important role. The search button is the perfect navigation tool that improves the searching experience of your customers. But designing a website search bar can be a difficult job. So you should learn a few steps for creating a site search for your stunning website. You can also use search plugins for WordPress also to designing a website search. Best Practices for Design a Website Search 1. Create a long search bar You should try to create a long search bar on your

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Best Ways to Customize Your Own Lazy Loading for Websites

Lazy Loading is the method that is used to postpone the loading time of images or elements presented on the website. This is done for the elements or the images present below the fold. The main goal of lazy loading for websites is that when the user landed to your website, some elements require much time to get loaded, so lazy loading will postpone the time taking images and will displays the elements and images that loads first so that the user will keep scrolling your web pages. Actually lazy loading is very important in terms of website performance because it makes your visitors busy and gives a better user experience. By loading the images and elements on upper part,

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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

In today's world, we all uses the internet via mobile phones, tablets, and computers for performing some tasks or searching for our needs. The internet is taking us a world in an upward direction. We can say that the internet has become an essential need to do our daily tasks. Because most of our work is depended on the internet only. With the growing world and technologies, you will be enabled to get your business progress without creating a website. To get success, it is very much important to show your business online. If you want to enhance your business presence through the internet or the world, then the website is the only solution to your problems. Your business should

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How to Protect a WordPress Site from Hackers

protect a WordPress site from hackers

The main target point for hackers is WordPress. They mostly target the core WordPress file, login page, themes, and plugins. Some steps are given below which makes your WordPress website less likely to be hacked. Plus you will find some steps that will help you to recover your website easily even if your website is been hacked. How your WordPress website gets hacked? All websites on the internet are likely to be hacked. Does not matter if your website is based on phpBB forum or a WordPress, all type of websites are under contact attack. For a single hacker, it's an easy task to scan countless pages or attempts to login in thousands of times daily. However, at the same

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8 Tips and Tricks For Design a Website Footer

The most important part of your business website is a footer area. The footer area does not consist of too much designs or does not have any multimedia content but the value of the footer section is more than any other area. Because most of the website continuously look for the contact details in the footer section only. Therefore it is necessary, not to ignore the footer area while design a website footer. Customers usually come to the footer section of a website so that they can get in touch with you and find some important information related to your brand such as relevant sources, disclaimers, copyrights, social media links, etc. Plus footer in the footer is considered as the

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How to Increase the Search Engine Visibility of Your WordPress Website in India


The websites which are created with so many efforts and resources should find the right audience. One of the major decisions while building a website is the use of the best Content Management System (CMS).  It is important that every website owner makes efforts to increase search engine visibility of WordPress website. It may sound like a lot to do but when looked at in steps then it will become simple and easy.  The efforts of the website owners will ensure how much traffic they will enjoy. There are a lot of options for starting your first WordPress website when it comes to CMS but it is a known fact that WordPress is the most popular amongst them all. The platform

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10 Essential Features Your ‘Contact Us Page’ Should Have

In the early days, the website design was kept very simple so that the user can navigate easily to each and every page. We used to apply simple graphics and elements. In the same way, ‘Contact Us’ was having minimal features and designs. ‘Contact Us’ was integrated with phone number, email address, address and some links to other pages of a website. But now we style contact us page in different ways, for example, we make use of animations, bold graphics, slider image, maps integration and more. Furthermore, the ‘Contact Us’ page is a very integral part of a website. Therefore its the reason why the contact us page still exists on every website. A proper formatted ‘Contact Us’ page

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Inexpensive Way to Get a Professional WordPress Website in India

Get Professional WordPress Website in India

Building a website is a must for every business owners, and creating one feels like a lot of work. The business owners who are looking for ways to create a unique and professional WordPress website in India are often worried about the cost that is associated with creating a website. No doubt that having a website allows a higher approach for all the website owners as the number of visitors are unlimited and if the site is capable then it can attract huge crowd creating awareness about the business in cases generating revenue using the same platform. The cost factor which is often the point of concerned is also dealt ineffectively by many popular platforms. The WordPress that started as a

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How to Make Your WordPress URLs SEO Friendly

wordpress url

To improve the search visibility of your website organically it is very important to create SEO-friendly URLs. The basic 4 steps are mentioned below that will help you to create the right URL. What is the best way to strengthen the SEO of your WordPress website? The best way is to strengthen SEO is to make WordPress URLs SEO friendly. If you have created a URL in the right way, then you will be able to enhance the organic search visibility. Especially you have to focus on low volume long keywords. 4 Methods to Make Your WordPress URLs SEO Friendly 1. Get a single root domain You will find that there are different variations of root domain that can behave

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How to Get Your WordPress Website on Google

How to Get Your WordPress Site on Google

Every website owner has this dream that his website is shown as the first link when a search is made. There will be no website owners who have not dream of this. You have made so many efforts to create a site of your choice and now is the time you are looking for a reward. There are so many websites that are available online and most of them do not even make it to Google let aside enjoying a higher rank on it. If you are picked by any search engine then it is a disaster for any website. This directly means that you are invisible to 99.99% of the online population. Now, this is a constant source of

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