How do I buy WordPress themes and plugins at the lowest price?

Buy WordPress themes and plugins

WordPress themes and plugins have created their name as the beacon of customization and versatility. Every successful WordPress website is created using a WordPress theme and plugins. It serves as your brand’s storefront and drives your business’s success. Contrary to popular belief, WordPress themes and plugins don’t have to cost a bank if you know where to buy them. Affordable yet efficient WordPress themes and plugins exist. They get the job done as per your requirements. If you want to buy WordPress themes at an affordable price, keep on reading this article. Importance of WordPress Themes and Plugins WordPress themes and plugins provide the base for your website's functionality and appearance. When you buy professional WordPress themes, they transform it into

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The art of buying affordable WordPress themes and plugins

Buy affordable WordPress themes and plugins

There's an art to buying affordable WordPress themes and plugins that only a few have mastered. Of course, if you are not a WordPress website developer, the process can be confusing and overwhelming. However, your online business or blog still needs a theme and specific plugins to function smoothly and represent your brand. Apart from that, a suitable WordPress theme and plugin help drive more users to your page, resulting in higher sales and revenue. So, how do you buy Affordable WordPress themes and plugins? This article guides you to get the best deal with WordPress themes and plugins. You must remember several things before purchasing a WordPress theme and plugin. Then, we move on to list four of the

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How to Avoid Dangerous WordPress Plugins

The biggest and powerful feature that WordPress provides is a huge number of options for plugins. Thousands of WordPress plugins are available for free and for premium cost. These plugins are responsible to enhance the functionality of your website. Plus you can use these plugins to customize the look and feel of your website in the way you want without knowing the technical code. But somehow, somewhere plugin is also considered as a weak point of WordPress. Outdated plugins, unsecure code, results in most of the websites get hacked. You will need to take care of your website if you are using too many plugins on your website. Plus you might face maintenance problems such as problem in theme breaks,

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How to Translate a WordPress Plugin in Your Language

language translator WordPress plugin

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used across the globe for various types of websites. So to address the audience from varied linguistic regions, WordPress is available in many languages. language translator WordPress plugin being one of the main components of the WordPress environment, it follows the same approach as well. WordPress developers who create plugins make sure that they make the app translation ready so it will be easily usable for many languages. In this post, we’ll check different ways to translate a WordPress plugin in your language based on the actual purpose of your need to translate. Translate a WordPress Plugin Used in Your Website In this technique, you can translate an existing WordPress

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10 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Level Up Your Social Strategy

For your business, you have been heard many times that "you need to get on Facebook". It must be irritating for you to hear but you can't neglect the fact that Facebook is a very important part of marketing. With Facebook, you can connect with your targeted users and the audiences to get more traffic for your business website. It does not matter how many people follow you on this account, it most important thing is to get the Facebook WordPress plugin to promote your brand and increase the followers. Why you should use the Facebook plugin? Facebook plugins give you a variety of options to share your content, increase follow count, showcase pictures, marketing, promoting the brand, etc. Read

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How to Create a Portfolio Section in your WordPress Site?

Are you interested to create a portfolio section in your WordPress? Of course, that is why you are here. So, before jumping into ways, you have to clear with all terms such as what portfolio is, how it can benefit you, etc. with this you will get to know why you should do this.  WordPress is one of the largest content management system that has been used for many years. WordPress has a great collection of themed and advanced features that just make your work highly impressive to engage millions of users to your website. The yet another way is sharing Portfolio, which holds the collection of beautiful images of your website in one place. For website owners, creating a

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Ways to Streamline Your Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great place to start your online business store. WordPress is a highly desirable platform for creating or starting your e-commerce business. But it is not possible to attain success very easily despite that. A good understanding of website design as per your target audience and business goals is the utmost necessary in making your e-commerce WordPress website a success. WordPress provides a solution for that. In WordPress, there are thousands of plugins available to make it easy for you and your visitors to move through the website. And the best part is that these plugins are available on WordPress for free. So you can streamline your business easily with the help of these highly affordable plugins on

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5 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

Without any doubt, we can say that WordPress is the best CMS available on the internet but still, there are facts that WordPress is not complete or perfect. There are some aspects where improvements are needed and one of the important aspects is the Search area. The default search functionality in WordPress works well but to some extent only. With some search scenario, this plugin does not work faster and do not display the desired results. Website visitors are unable to navigate properly with keywords. Thus this functionality does not provide support for custom fields, post types, and taxonomies. But you don’t need to worry if you love working with WordPress, because WordPress provides you extended functionality i.e. plugin integration

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7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Adding Social Proof to a Website

If you want to showcase community proof to your customers on your WordPress website then going with testimonial plugins is the good solution. Social proofs are actually very important which help you to gain your customers trust, improve the online visibility and enhance the conversion rates. The support of testimonial plugins is very essential feature that every theme should be provided with. The plugins of testimonial should be nicely showcased your social proof, plus it should minimal design. The plugin should be very easy to integrate on website pages. Plugins should be able to embed using block or a shortcodes. Testimonial plugins should be provided with lots of features including sidebar widgets, sliders, standalone quotes, turn off testimonial and more.

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15 Best Free WordPress PayPal Plugins for Websites 2022


Online shopping has radically changed our way of shopping and changed our lives, no one can even dare to debate on that. Suppose if you own a website then you must be thinking of to monetize your website. But it is not that much easy as it sounds, you need some secure payment gateways to complete the procedure. Paypal is one of the most popular and secure payment gateway with many buyers around the world. If you have a WordPress website then there are plenty of WordPress PayPal plugins that can even make the entire process simple and hustle free. Here 15 top ranking PayPal plugins for WordPress are discussed WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Download This is one of the lightweight and responsive PayPal

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10 Best Free WordPress Lightbox Plugins 2023

Best Free WordPress Lightbox Plugins

Lightbox is an approach to display the media files through a popup window. It improves the user experience by showing social media icons in a large area. One can engage the users by creating some web design. Images, forms in the newsletter and email lists can be integrated with the help of lightbox. The main focus is only given to images and videos. There are many other ways to add a lightbox to your WordPress website, But the lightbox added via plugins is the most efficient and effective way. Mainly WordPress lightbox plugins are created for a photography business. All lightbox plugins consist of different features let us check all the plugins one by one. These plugins work well with your

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Different Ways to Avoid Spam User Registration in WordPress

Ways to Avoid Spam User Registration in WordPress

WordPress is an open and free content management system. Also, it is a very powerful blogging platform where users can create the blog in a WordPress site. Most of the customer's first choice for creating a blogs is WordPress. There are many peoples who are trying to spread malicious code into different user websites. Which can harm your system and website badly. You can avoid spam user registration in WordPress by yourself. Here are some tips that you can identify spam users that occur from your WordPress website. If you have just created a website and started working on it. Suddenly you are getting some problem like a spamming problem this can be dangerous. Don't get worried because you have chosen

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Plugins that help to Increase Conversions on Your WordPress Website

conversion boosting plugins

If you are planning to set up your website online, then you should know that one of the best platforms to opt for happens to be WordPress. And it happens to be free source, and comes with enough free themes and plugins that can enable you to make an impact. But you may soon find out that it takes a lot more to boost your website’s conversion rate. That’s why you should check out these conversion boosting plugins, as they can help ramp up your conversion rate while ensuring that your website stands out for the right reasons. Just check out these plugins, Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is truly the Holy Grail where SEO is concerned and it ranks #1

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Speed up Your WordPress Site: Best Performance Plugins 2024

Performance Plugins

In this blog, we will discuss the best performance plugins and some facts about performance optimization. Why performance plays an important role in SEO? When a user lands to your website, performance is the first thing that they face. After the performance, your UI gets loaded. Website optimization is also connecting with how your theme is optimized, how is your plugins' performance, the grade of server resources, and more. If all these factors are balanced properly your website performance will get improved. Now let us discuss some WordPress plugins that will help you by improving your website page performance. All the plugins listed below are for free to use. To improve website performance you require a plugin that will help

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15+ Most Useful WordPress Widgets for Your Blog

Most Useful WordPress Widgets for Your Blog

Starting a new WordPress blog is very easy and anyone can do that. But while creating a blog on WordPress always keep in mind that it is not just about a beautiful design and a text with images. Most Useful WordPress widgets allow you to add dynamic and static content to the areas that are widget ready like your sidebar, footer, header. You have to make your blog comfortable to work for you and also for your readers. Most Useful WordPress widgets are one of the best features of WordPress as you can add and extend the functionality of your blog. There are numerous plugin and templates that enable you to add different kind of widgets like Calendar, Google maps,

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How to Improve the WordPress Search Function on Your Site

Improve the WordPress Search Function on Your Site

Website search is an important feature to help your WordPress site visitors find relevant content within your website. Once you have started writing just a few articles, you will hopefully get more visitors for your website. In present Improve the WordPress Search is well known for being unreliable. Your visitors will only want the best content, and it is also true if they are not interested in the topic or the search is not always accurate. Most of users visit your website to find something specific, and not to spend time browsing around randomly. Do you want to improve WordPress search for your website? WordPress has several search plugins that will help you improve the default search experience on your

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Best Free WordPress Invoice Plugins 2023

best invoice wordpress plugin

Looking for the best free WordPress invoice plugins for WordPress?  There are hundreds and thousands of free WordPress invoice plugin that can be utilized to turn your WordPress into an outstanding customer invoicing and billing system. Perfect plugin will take your new business to another level of success and will also maintain your business. Also, one of the most important features is keeping your clients and invoice payment in order. But it is difficult to find the right invoice plugin for a freelancer and startups. Invoice plugin helps you to generate, edit, send customized and itemized invoices for your clients without having to leave your WordPress website’s cPanel. A good invoice system also includes features like PDF invoices, recurring billing,

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How to Optimize WordPress With W3 Total Cache and GTmetrix

How to Optimize WordPress With W3 Total Cache and

As your site gets traffic and clients or users, and as you start include extra content, then your WordPress website may start to slow down because of the fact that WordPress needs to recompile each page each time a client access to it. By using caching, you can decrease the measure of work WordPress needs to accomplish for each page load, which will then optimize WordPress website. Since WordPress does not have built in caching functionality, one can utilize the W3 Total Cache module to add it to WordPress. To measure the improvement in speed, you can utilize the GTmetrix module. Let’s start with installing the GTmetrix plugin. Installing the GTmetrix Plugin Here, first install the GTmetrix plugin to help

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10 Best Free Plugins for Adding Captcha to WordPress Blog

Useful WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

As the name itself can define the meaning CAPTCHA means finding the correct users, not robots. WordPress captcha plugins protect your website from bots. Though computers are more technically fit as compared to human beings still human minds are much stronger than computers. To analyze the difference between computers and human beings or robots we use captcha. Captcha is also used for protecting the data from unauthorized users and spamming. All over the web forms, CAPTCHA is used. Forms are utilized to fill data that confirms who the client is, yet spammers are dependably watchful to break into sites. These days all site proprietors ask for captchas for their forms. Be it enrollment, remark, sign in, lost secret word, or

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Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Blog

Top 10 must have WordPress plugins for blog

Wordfence Security: Wordfence security plugin is one of the top class security plugin which helps to secure your blog from damages and crack links. We often do make use of many social media while handling our blog so many simultaneous deadlocks, errors and virus full of bugs can harm our blog at that time from protecting our blog we use the Wordfence security blog plugin. Use neat and clean WordPress blog themes to secure you website or blog. Contact form 7: You often had seen our blog with contact form which provides all the necessary details related to contact and inquiry purpose, so the contact form 7 is also an in built form which perform multiple functions to customize the

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How to Build a WordPress Intranet?

WordPress has evolved over the years and implementing an enterprise-intranet based on WordPress is given a thought today. The real question is not if it is feasible, but whether it can enhance the productivity of the business or not? There are several reasons to build a WordPress Intranet if your staff isn’t confined to a single office. Easy collaborations, storage of essential documents, and effective team communication are some of the core reasons to invest in it. The cost factor also plays a crucial role when it comes to small and medium scale enterprises. In this brief read, you can explore everything essential to build a WordPress Intranet. Understanding Intranet The process of building it is the same as creating

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How To Fix WordPress Contact Form Not Sending Email With SMTP

How to fix wordpress contact form not sending email with SMTP

If you have just configured your WordPress website and are yet to receive any email notifications from your website then chance are that your emails are being blocked. This can be quite irksome especially if you happen to be using various contact form plugins on your website to enhance user engagement and not receiving prompt email notifications can actually affect the performance of your website itself. WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send email notifications from your various contact form plugins such as WP form. But some of these mails are getting blocked because a few WordPress hosting server are not configured correctly. And chances are that your email provider also double checks to see where the mail is

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9 Best WordPress Typography Plugins That Will Make Your Site Awesome

WordPress Typography

Do you know that Typography plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your website? It enhances the time a user spent on your website and plays a key role in creating a positive user experience. You can find a plethora of themes come along with Google fonts access and you can change typography with them. Advance WordPress users can add external fonts in WordPress and can use Google fonts on their website. But, a majority of users are beginners and they do not have any idea about editing WordPress files. So, thanks to WordPress typography plugins using which you can add awesome fonts and that too without writing a single line of code. In this post, we are

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7 Best Weather WordPress Widgets & Plugins

Best Weather WordPress Widgets Plugins

A many times it is much useful when a website provides you the current temperature and weather forecasts. This kind of feature is helpful for restaurants, retreat centers, country clubs, and many other businesses and even large organizations. Nowadays, a majority of websites make you available with weather conditions. Consider, you are planning a trip with family or friends then in advance if you are aware of weather conditions then it will be of great help for you. But, when you are installing Weather WordPress plugins on your website, you have to keep in mind some points. Along with the weather plugin which you are installing, you also required some other service like, Is your widget impeccable with the current website

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Best Reasons To Choose WordPress To Build Your Website

why choose WordPress

According to a survey published by Netcraft, the total number of WordPress powered website is estimated at over 172 million. Some of the large organizations like TechCrunch and CNN also using WordPress. A majority of professionals are recommending their clients and colleagues to use WordPress. As it has a plethora of benefits. What are the benefits of WordPress? Some are premium and free themes and plugins, a proficient community of developers, Search engine friendly design and much more. So, in this post, we are going to take a glimpse at the top reasons to choose WordPress. There are immense features which makes WordPress an exemplary platform for website development. Open source platform: What do you exactly meant by open source

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